15 Taxi Rides That Can Easily Become Stories We Retell for Ages

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Nowadays riding a taxi is not a luxury but an affordable means of transport. You can now even summon one with the help of a special app. Dozens of people get into cars to get from point A to point B, entrusting their destiny to drivers. Sometimes a taxi ride, even a short one, can turn into a real adventure, making drivers and passengers feel like characters from books and movies.

The characters from our compilation couldn’t hold back and shared situations with the whole world that happened to them on the road. Bright Side wants to share these unforgettable stories from passengers and taxi drivers with you.

  • My taxi driver pulled into a parking spot in front of my apartment, when I got out of the car he killed the engine, exited, and walked upstairs behind me. I was hurrying to get my key in the door and of course, had a case of the terrified clumsy. He smiled as he got closer, passed me, and entered the apartment next to mine. I felt like a fool. © 5hrs4hrs3hrs2hrs1mor / Reddit
  • I get to the address indicated on the order. A 25-30-year-old guy gets into the car. Suddenly he grabs me by the collar. I was ready to get into a fight but he pitifully whines, “She...took...my cat.” All the way to the neighboring city I was listening about how his wife left and took the most valuable possession of his — his Scottish cat. © Overheard / VK
  • It was a rainy morning and I had to urgently get to work. So I called a taxi. A nice driver arrived, he instantly started to ask whether I felt comfortable, whether the music was disturbing me, etc. Then, halfway there we got stuck in a traffic jam because it was raining cats and dogs, the visibility was really bad. I was late and nervous, got a call from work, and they started to tell me off. The taxi driver asked me to give him my phone so he could talk. I was surprised, but I decided to do it. He started to tell my boss that we were stuck in a traffic jam, that we were moving very slowly, and that it was not my fault. I was so shocked that I didn’t even thank him for it because I was constantly thinking in my head about how wonderful it is that people like this live in this world. When I got to work, the boss didn’t say anything! I wish all taxi drivers were as good as that man. © Chamber #6 / VK
  • As I was giving a ride to a client, it was getting dark and they suddenly got very worried and said, “Go faster — we are being chased!” The same car model with their lights down was following us. I accelerated and left the car chasing us behind. We arrived at the point the passenger needed and I saw that the car managed to catch up with me. A man got out of the car and screamed, “Wait, please! I could hardly catch up with you! Please tell me how to switch on the headlights? My friends left this car to me and I don’t know how to switch them on!” This car model really has a trick on how to switch the headlights on. We were laughing our heads off afterward. © Evgeniya Petrovich / Facebook
  • When I was a student, I was on my way home late after a party with my boyfriend. We caught a taxi and when we opened the door we saw that the driver was our teacher. He wouldn’t take money from us and gave us an “A” on the exam. It was the coolest ride of my life. © Mavka / AdMe
  • I had an early train (4 AM) so I caught a taxi. Having already had some experience with sleepy drivers, I was alert and it was not in vain. The driver dozed off at the speed of 50 mph and I had to wake him up. © Mick.7 / Pikabu
  • I saw a friend of mine load a goat into the trunk of a taxi in Senegal. The driver didn’t bat an eye. © sonsue / Reddit
  • Once, we wanted to go to a party... and there were too many of us. So 4 of us got in the first cab that arrived. The only person who knew where the party was was in the first taxi. The other 4 of us got into the second taxi and told him to “Follow that cab.” He actually smiled and found it entertaining...and he did follow them. We all made it to the party. © TheDevilsAdvokaat / Reddit
  • One summer morning I ordered a taxi to the airport. As we were going, a famous song started to play on the radio. I heard the driver singing along with it, and I also started singing. The driver asked me, “Shall I turn it up?” I answered, “Yes, please. To the max!” So we ended up driving on the highway with open windows and singing the song together. A duet! © krasnayagoda / Pikabu
  • Once, I threw away a bag with the key to my rented apartment in it. The garbage bin was located one hour from my home. So I had to go back by taxi and explain to the driver where to take me and ask them to not get surprised that I would be looking in trash cans. Luckily, the driver had a good sense of humor and later he invited me out on a date. © Overheard / VK
  • In 2015, I ordered a taxi by phone without using an app. So I get an SMS “Your car is here. A gray color Mercedes.” I was very short of money at that time and I chose a super economy car so I was surprised to see a Mercedes. I thought it would be some old car but when I got outside, I saw an S-class car with a leather and wood interior. The driver was wearing a suit. I thought they mixed something up and asked, “To 116th street?”
    The driver: “Yes.”
    I ask: “Are you sure it’s an economy car?”
    The driver: “It’s a car called ’the driver is short on money.’ Get in!” © TwistZver / Pikabu © Overheard / VK
  • I was once headed to a job interview and told the driver my location. He went silent, asked me if X (who was my boss) still worked there. I said yes. He utterly criticized that person and warned me to be cautious around them, then dropped me off at the building and told me exactly how to get to the office. I kept wondering if he really knew what he was talking about. Eventually, I did get the job, and needless to say, the driver was right. I thought of him when I quit a month later. © Kousawara2 / Reddit
  • I went to a city that I had never visited before. I ordered a taxi from the railway station to the city center. The driver kept looking at me all the way.
    Finally, he asks me, “Is your name Jane?”
    I got a bit confused and answered, “Yes.”
    The driver: “Is your surname...”
    I was already worried by this time, “Where do you know me from?”
    The driver, “You were classmates with my little sister. Afterward, we left.”
    I was shocked. How can someone recognize a 7th-grade pupil in a 30-year-old woman, especially if he had only seen me a couple of times?
    He started to laugh, “It’s impossible to not recognize you. You laugh in the same way as before.” © Olen / AdMe
  • We were 7 people going camping, so we told the company that we needed a big car (to fit our luggage and us). They sent us a normal sedan so we crammed ourselves in it and got going. The driver was really funny, and he started telling us his stories. Unfortunately, the car couldn’t complete the ride, about 20 mins before we arrived it broke down and started fuming. The driver was livid, he called the company and quit his job right then and there. © TheGrumpyOldBear / Reddit
  • I was working for a taxi service in 1999-2000. I had a permanent client who ordered a ride from the last block of a 9-story house to the first block of a 5-story house that were standing next to each other. The charge was fixed (set by the city) and she always paid full price. I was always asking her, “Do you need a fast ride or a beautiful ride today?” She would reply, “As you wish.” It is still a mystery for me why she was always going by taxi. © Evgeniya Petrovich / Facebook

Have you had any unusual taxi rides?

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