20+ Cool Tips People Got From the Internet, Tried by Themselves, and Scored 10/10

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4 years ago

Sometimes an occasional phrase seen on the internet can change your life or at least make it easier. The users of Reddit decided to discuss the best pieces of advice they found on the web and this topic got more than 5,000 comments.

We at Bright Side read all the comments and took note of some of those life hacks. Perhaps some of these recommendations will become a real discovery for you.

  • If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it now. If it takes more than 5 minutes, break it up into 5-minute increments and do it now. You might not always finish the task, but you will make progress every time you see it. © Kind_Man_0 / Reddit

  • When little kids start crying, bring them a glass of water, and tell them that if they don’t drink the water their tears will run out. This method always calms them down. © Acornsie / Reddit
  • Clean your house or apartment on your Thursday nights. I started doing this after reading it maybe a year ago on the internet and it has made a huge difference in making my weekends much more relaxing. © upsetungulat / Reddit

  • Use your hands to squeegee water off of your body after a shower, before getting out. It only takes a couple of seconds, but helps you dry tremendously faster, and you get much less water on the floor and on your towel. © RubeRides / Reddit

  • You should always buy good products for anything that separates you from the ground, like shoes, chairs, mattresses. Don’t cheap out on it, your back and joints will thank you for it later. © lycheemochi / Reddit

  • Someone posted how they and their partner/spouse go to a restaurant they’ve never been to before on the date of their anniversary every month. My partner and I have been doing this for over a year now and it’s really fun and just adds a little something extra to going out together. And it makes sure we don’t go to the same 5 places over and over again. © interstatebus / Reddit

  • Never use more than 2-3 sprays of perfume. If you can’t smell it on yourself, means you’re good to go. © nicogreek / Reddit

  • If you are feeling depressed and can’t think of anything useful to do to get out of your funk, clean something. © paxtana / Reddit
  • Don’t keep potatoes and onions together in the same cupboard. The onions release a gas that spoils the potatoes. I never knew this and was wondering why I could never get through a full bag of potatoes. © Smokron85 / Reddit
  • Someone mentioned that they told their child that their ears turned red any time they lied. I told my son the same thing and he still believes it to this day. It works like a charm. If he sees an adult with red ears, he’s more than happy to tell them he knows they’re lying about whatever they’re saying. Turns out hilariously most of the time. © greypoupan / Reddit

  • To clean a microwave, put a glass of water in there and bring it to a boil. Then you can simply wipe away all the old dried food. © speak2easy / Reddit

  • When asking rich people what most important bit of advice they would offer to poor people, a wealthy man advised, quite simply and concisely, “Learn to lie.” I thought he was satirizing rich people, but no, he went on to expound on his thoughts a little, just enough to know he was being earnest. That stuck with me. I started lying on job applications, which, in all my years I’d never done before, and I got a job right away. From there, I climbed out of homelessness. It’s much easier and more productive to lie than to explain things that have happened to you to people who don’t care. © SamGlass / Reddit

  • If you’re long-distance moving, make a first-day box consisting of basic cookware and ingredients, your Wi-Fi router, computer, some clothes, toiletries, and whatever other necessities you need until you get all of your stuff. It will help you feel comfortable while you are waiting for the delivery of your stuff. © moe_skweeto / Reddit

  • If you find yourself on the verge of tears, find a random object in your line of sight and start mentally describing it, somehow it takes away from the emotions and lets your brain reset. © For_The_Sail_Of_It / Reddit

  • This happened this morning! My downstairs neighbor came up to tell me to keep my kids quiet at 10 a.m. because they were being loud. She even told me I should find a different apartment. So, I just stared at her, the way it was advised on the internet. I didn’t say a single word. And she eventually excused herself and said she didn’t want any problems. I then just closed the door and continued to have breakfast. © cheekyrose_ / Reddit

  • The best way to store leftover rice is to wrap it in cling-wrap and freeze it. Don’t refrigerate it, this results in dry rice every time. Later, take your frozen rice ball, and microwave it on half-power for a few minutes. This re-steams the rice and it comes out awesome. © zubbs99 / Reddit
  • If you ever stand up too fast and get “white flash” or feel faint, tighten your abs as hard as you can and it will go away. © LightningInTheRain / Reddit
  • Don’t let it be a zero-sum day. Get something done to further your goal, even if it’s the smallest thing. This really did help me out. Even if I didn’t get something completely finished, it gave me at least the smallest sense of satisfaction that I got a little something done. © choralmaster / Reddit

What pieces of advice from the internet do you use?


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the one that i had acturaly tryed was "To clean a microwave, put a glass of water in there and bring it to a boil. Then you can simply wipe away all the old dried food. " by © speak2easy / Reddit. earler and it acturaly worked!!!!!


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