18 Times Great Customer Service Made People Feel Like Real VIPs

3 years ago

Some companies have such outstanding customer service that they make every client feel like a real VIP. A caring and respectful attitude often shows in the small details, even if they sometimes go against company policy.

At Bright Side, we are sincerely happy for the heroes of this article, who were lucky enough to receive real VIP treatment from service providers.

“We ordered pizza for dinner and asked them to draw kittens on the box for our son in the comments.”

“I got a warning for leaving my laptop unattended in the library.”

“I asked for 3 of each hot sauce and I got 59 in total!”

“This hotel I’m staying at has the shower shelf accessible from both inside as well as outside.”

“This grocery store displays these nuts and other snacks upside down so you can see the contents more clearly.”

“This vet clinic has a bowl with dog treats at the counter.”

“This floss shows you how many days left you have before you need to get more.”

“I’m pregnant. I ordered a cheese quesadilla and said, ’I know this is weird, but can I please also have a side of mustard?’ This is what I got.”

“This suitcase can measure its own weight.”

“My plastic wrap just told me to add it to my grocery list!”

“I’d like the ravioli, please, with a truly unreasonable amount of parmesan cheese.”

“This TV set has a built-in cable management on the back.”

“My printer comes with a handle on the plastic to make it easier to pull it out of the box.”

“My husband ordered a hot fudge sundae with ’as many peanuts as you’re allowed to give me’ — he happily used them all.”

“I bought a box of screws, and it came with the bit needed to put them in.”

“The books at the bottom are flipped at an angle you don’t have to bend down to see.”

“The cap of this apple juice bottle has an engraved arrow, which indicates the direction of rotation to open it.”

“My son collects Marvel Avengers from Kinder Surprise eggs. But he couldn’t find Hulk. Recently, we bought a box of 12 eggs, and finally, we found Hulk, but he didn’t have legs.”

“My son was really upset because he bought the eggs on his pocket money. He decided to send an e-mail to the company telling them his story and asking them to sell him a Hulk figurine. They apologized and promised him to send the figurine for free. Today, we received this box.”

“Hulk was there too. It was in the yellow capsule in the lower right corner.”

Have you ever received unexpected VIP services that made you really happy? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit 1JW1 / Pikabu


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I really love that shower thing, I think I will make this in my house in the future


O man I love it when products have build in cable management!


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