16 Creative Children That Would Surprise Even the Smartest Parents

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3 years ago

When it comes to using our creativity for wit, some people really go the extra mile. But nothing compares to those children who manage to use creative ways to bend the rules in their favor. They have the ability to not overthink things, to act with innocence, and to graciously have it their way, even in situations where they’re not allowed to do what they feel like doing.

Amazed at how resourceful children can be, Bright Side gathered a few examples of this. And we think that everybody can learn a bit from the way kids deal with difficult situations.

1. “My son wanted a beard to go with his costume, but we couldn’t afford it. So he disappears and comes back with this — he cut his own hair and glued it to his face.”

2. “Asked my student to complete the maze...”

3. “I told her, ’Your butt needs to stay in your room.’ Just went to check on her and found this. Her butt is in her room...”

4. “My 5-year-old built a thing. He built a thing all by himself.”

5. “Everything is relative, Mom.”

6. “My son (4) apparently peeled the label off of his water bottle, wrapped it over his eyes, and fell asleep like this.”

7. “This 10-year-old kid sketches like a pro architect.”

8. “Who even blows on their pizza anymore?”

9. “The ladder my 4-year-old son built to steal the leftover candy from Halloween”

10. “My 4-year-old shows off her spelling on Netflix.”

11. A 2-year-old kid with incredible wit

12. “My son left with 2 left shoes this morning. He ended up making a shoe out of paper and tape at school. I was both mortified and impressed.”

13. “My sister eating popcorn in my closet with chopsticks so that she doesn’t get greasy fingers”

14. “My 3-year-old kept going into the cabinet to sneak fruit snacks and treats. I put a childproof lock on it, went downstairs to throw in a load of laundry, and came back upstairs to this.”

15. “They’re living in 2050.”

16. “Told the older ones to watch the baby and not to let her get into trouble.”

What was the most clever thing you did as a child or that your children or other children in your family have done? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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