18 Brides Who Turned Their Ordinary Wedding Outfits Into Royal Ones

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3 years ago

The word “wedding” has always been associated with a beautiful, unique, and unforgettable wedding gown. But those who have already celebrated this event know how difficult it is to find the perfect dress. That’s when imagination and a pair of skillful hands come into play: fix it here, redo there, alter the sleeves, and add pearls to the veil. Some even dare to tailor their dress with their own hands. The results of all these efforts are real masterpieces that look just like in dreams.

We at Bright Side are all for bold experiments, even when it comes to redesigning or tailoring your own wedding dress. The protagonists of this compilation could teach a masterclass on this topic. As a bonus, we’ll show you that it’s possible to make a wedding dress out of anything, even from old sweatpants.

“Before — after. Made a huge change to my dress and got rid of the sleeves.”

“Updated a $25 1986 wedding dress to my dream dress.”

“I was able to take off the ruffle with a seam ripper, open up the lace more, and added a skirt on top of the existing dress from another dress. I also added a piece of lace as a belt.”

“My DIY thrift-flipped wedding dress. I only used fabric from the original dress, reusing the lace from the sleeves for the neckline.”

“My wedding dress. Made some modifications, including pockets!”

“Made my own wedding dress from my mom’s 1985 gown”

“We lost my mom almost 4 years ago and I was determined to wear her wedding dress. The seamstress did an amazing job! I love it so much.”

“My grandma’s wedding dress. I managed to clean it so that it started to shine again!”

“I’m getting married to this magical human in 102 hours. Here she is revealing to our moms the dress that she and a friend made from her mom’s wedding dress.”

“I added a last-minute touch to my wedding dress! It was magical!”

“Made a friend’s wedding dress by using the base for one she ordered online. I added steel boning to the corset. I added pockets and added lace to the base.”

“My beautiful wife altered and made her own wedding dress. Not 100 % positive because I didn’t see the before dress, but pretty sure she was working with a blank canvas dress and added everything.”

“I knew she was talented before, but this absolutely blew me away!!”

“I added sleeves for this gorgeous bride to her strapless wedding gown.”

“Just got married in mom’s dress! I only changed the sleeves and reinforced the zipper/side seams.”

“My grandmother wearing the same dress on her wedding day. Words cannot describe what it felt like to wear this dress. I requested a sleeve rework, and they did a gorgeous cascade of lace. NAILED IT.”

“Just finished sewing the liner into my wedding dress! Just in time: 5 more days until ’I do!’”

“Refashioning my mom’s wedding dress...”

“Redone wedding dress”

“I got to wear my dream dress — my mom’s wedding dress!”

Bonus: “I sewed a wedding dress out of sweatpants...”

Have you ever redesigned clothes like the brides of our compilation? Was your experiment successful?

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I love these because they are so original, something totally different than you normally see on the brides


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