My Husband Was Secretly Watching Our New Neighbor, and Here’s the Sad Truth Behind His Behavior

2 months ago

A woman, 39, wrote a letter to our editorial and told us a story that provoked the most vivid feelings in our souls. She recently noticed that her husband, 45, has been watching their new neighbor, a girl named Kate, 19, out of the window. The woman had the worst thoughts and guessing about what had been happening between them and why her devoted spouse suddenly got so interested about the young lady. She confronted him and revealed the truth, that was far beyond her darkest assumptions.

A woman wrote us a letter and told us about an unusual accident in her family.

A woman, 39, named Grace, wrote us a letter to tell a story that happened in her family. She asked us to publish her story so that other people could read it and maybe rethink their relationship and their trust issues with their loved ones.

She began her story, saying, «Hi, Bright Side! I’m Grace, 39, and I have a very happy family with my husband, Frank, who’s 45. We’ve been married for almost 2 decades, and before we tied the knot, we had known each other and dated for many years. We live in a very small town and I can say we are happy together.
My husband is a manager at a local store. I have never been interested in the way he acts at work, but I made friends with 2 other people who are the managers at the very same store, and we communicate with them, too. They always characterize my husband as a very hard-working person, who’s not indifferent about the lives of other people around him and who’ll always lend a hand if he sees that somebody is in trouble.»

The happy relationship was endangered by Frank’s weird behavior.

Grace goes on with her story, saying that her husband Frank has always been a very devoted man. According to the woman, her spouse is a type of person, who lives for his family and makes the interests and wellbeing of his relatives his number one priority in life.

But all of a sudden, he started acting very strangely. Grace explained, «Recently, a new family, with 3 kids, moved in across the road. One of their kids, a 19-year-old girl Kate, happened to be working in the same store as my husband. The area of our small town has the houses located very close to one another.
We have very narrow streets and low walls around our yards. Due to this peculiarity, we can have a view of our new neighbors’ shed. This shed has a glass roof and wooden walls, and we have a view of it only from upstairs. It’s also visible from a single spot in the lounge that gives Frank and I a view through the shed door window.»

The woman wrote that their new neighbor has actually become the reason for her to worry. She said, «I can see Kate in the shed all the time, while I’m passing a window. I don’t have an intention to look at her and I never stop to watch her, she’s just easy to notice. Kate often plays musical instruments in there, and the music can be heard sometimes. Oftentimes, Kate is just sitting in there, chilling. She spends a lot of time there, and I see her often.»

Grace noticed that her husband was interested in Kate. She said, «One day, I noticed that Frank was intentionally watching Kate through our windows. He’d go upstairs to the bedroom and I would often catch him looking out the window in that direction.»

Things were becoming very tense in the family.

Grace said, «Frank started sitting on the sofa beside the window in the lounge. He didn’t normally sit there, and he actually disliked that place before. But that was the only spot in the lounge we could see into the shed from, and he used it to watch Kate from there.»

Grace added, «This weird behavior was happening every day. At first, I thought that maybe Frank was listening to Kate play her instruments. But many times I caught him looking, and I checked myself, and she would be just chilling, without making any music.»

Adding fuel to the fire, Grace’s friends, who worked at the same store with Frank, have mentioned to her how he helped Kate out even when she didn’t really need it. He was very patient and kind to her, which was natural for him, but this time Grace was alarmed.

The woman said, «I tried to believe that this all was because Kate was a newcomer or because she was just young, and Frank had fatherly feelings towards her. But, on the other hand, they have newcomers all the time and the majority of them are young, and he wasn’t so much attentive to anyone before.»

The woman concluded that her husband did have a crush on Kate. She started worrying about it even more when Frank would avoid any conversations about Kate. This all was getting very unhealthy, according to Grace.

The truth appeared to be very different from what Grace thought from the start.

One day, Grace felt she had enough. After another episode of Frank watching Kate through the window, she confronted him directly about the painful issue. She said, «Once I caught Frank doing this very weird thing again, I just sat him down and insisted that I wanted to speak to him. I didn’t accuse him of anything directly, but I urged him to give me an explanation for why he kept watching Kate and why he was treating her in a special way at work. He instantly went pale, then he said he was sorry, that he hadn’t even worried about how what he was doing would look from my own perspective.»

Frank then told Grace that one of the managers he works with, Lee, is Kate’s uncle. Kate has been off from work on a temporary basis, because Lee caught her in a very poor state recently. The girl was hysteric, she was sobbing, and she was out of her mind because of the pain she was living with.

Grace wrote, «Frank told me that Lee spoke to Kate about what was happening in her life that made her so upset. He then found out that she was gay, and she was really struggling because her parents wouldn’t accept her. Lee couldn’t tell Kate’s parents about her state and about the fact that she was off from work and in a very poor condition. So, what Lee actually did was he asked my husband to keep an eye on Kate as much as he could to make sure she was okay and that she wasn’t having that meltdowns anymore.»

Frank told Grace that part of the reason he was taking Kate’s case so seriously was because 11 years ago, his cousin came out as gay, and he also faced a very tough situation in the family because of this. Frank was the only person, out of the whole family, who helped his cousin. He talked to his parents and the situation in their family normalized, because Frank was very persuasive and acted out of a good will.

Grace revealed, «Frank told me that this situation with Kate made him realize there were faults in our own relationship. This was because he didn’t think I would pay so much attention to him watching Kate, and he admitted to his mistake. We decided that we’ll pay for Kate’s therapy and since then we’re friends with Kate, helping her to survive from the tough times she’s having in her family.»

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