17 People Got Into Situations That Divided Their Day Into Before and After

2 years ago

According to a study, the human brain loves surprises and draws more pleasure from unexpected events than anticipated ones. And even though each day is filled with a multitude of sweet details that are unplanned, sometimes the universe decides to test our patience and self-control. These situations might be unwelcome, but some might argue that they are a blessing because, by overcoming them, we get to become stronger versions of ourselves.

Bright Side believes that we need to welcome everything that life throws our way with open arms. We’ll share some situations that threw people off guard and completely transformed their day.

1. ’’She kicked me 4 times already.’’

2. ’’Birthday chili is gone.’’

3. ’’My new dress broke on my way home from the work Christmas party.’’

4. ’’Found a chunk of some bone-like thing in my bag of store-bought popcorn.’’

5. ’’What I discovered between my ice cream and cone’’

6. ’’I have to untangle this at work.’’

7. ’’My tea collection before and after my mom makes 1 cup’’

8. ’’My brain malfunctioned while preparing scrambled eggs.’’

9. ’’My brother tried to dye his brand new Nikes in coffee and forgot about them for a month.’’

10. ’’The door I had to get through last night to get to my room’’

11. ’’I didn’t expect much, but this just reached an entirely new level.’’

12. ’’No wonder my projects haven’t been coming out the right size.’’

13. ’’I went to take my classic car for a spin. Discovered the interior is completely covered in mold.’’

14. ’’I made a cake for my brother’s birthday and my 6-year-old sister scraped all the tops off with her finger and ate it.’’

15. ’’Sole of my shoe came off when I got to work with no warning.’’

16. ’’Ate half a head of broccoli only to discover it was full of bugs.’’

17. ’’Meanwhile in Sweden...’’

What was the most unsettling surprise you’ve experienced lately? What is your attitude in the face of challenging situations?

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