16 People Who Ordered Food and Were Flabbergasted With the Results

3 years ago

Nowadays, when ordering food has become easier than ever, sometimes you just want to be lazy and order something online. Or if you want something more festive, you can dress up and go to a restaurant or cafe. The only problem with this is that the dishes don’t always meet our expectations.

The heroes of our article had to experience this firsthand. And we at Bright Side hope that it will never happen to them again.

“We ordered pizza from a highly-rated local place.”

“I ordered a salami baguette from the menu. Is it DIY?”

“I tried ordering iced coffee with our delivery — the DoorDash guy handed me this and just shrugged while maintaining full eye contact.”

“I ordered a burger. This is what I got.”

“We ordered crispy spicy salmon at a sushi restaurant and got spicy salmon on Pringles chips.”

“This is what happens when curiosity gets the best of you and you order ’eggs benedict’ at the truck stop.”

“My friend requested iced coffee at IHOP. The waitress put crushed ice in some freshly brewed coffee. At least she was nice to us.”

“I ordered a chicken sandwich. That’s what I got. They were very apologetic.”

“My daughter ordered a ’funny face pancake,’ and this is what they gave us. My daughter couldn’t stop laughing so maybe it was a job well done.”

“My girlfriend ordered a tomato salad at a restaurant.”

“My pregnant wife ordered cheese fries — this isn’t going to end well.”

“This was the worst $16 ’carrot cake’ we’ve ever gotten at a very posh Sydney resort. I’m almost crying.”

“They didn’t even try.”

“This ’Caesar salad’ I ordered from Chili’s”

“You must be kidding.”

“My girlfriend ordered this ’bruschetta’ from a gourmet Italian restaurant, and I couldn’t stop laughing.”

How often do you order food? Does it usually meet your expectations? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Oh***ItsMatt / Reddit


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