18 Pieces of Evidence That Prove Romantic Deeds Speak Louder Than Anything Else and It’s Truly Heartwarming

4 years ago

Men have been doing incredible things for the sake of love for the entire history of humankind. And those people who think that die-hard romantics have completely disappeared are actually wrong. These representatives of the stronger half of humanity are still working hard and are not afraid of looking silly. They’re ready to use their creative potential for the sake of winning the hearts of beautiful women.

Bright Side found 18 girls that went crazy over the small and big romantic deeds done by their beloved partners.

1. “Got to work this morning and I didn’t even notice. I’m so lucky, I cried like a baby.”

2. “Before my dad married my mom, he hired an artist to paint a portrait of her. As a romantic gesture, he had the artist paint a ring around the rose. It seems even back then, he knew she was the woman he was going to marry.”

3. “My husband has a headstart over yours.”

4. “My dad used to help my mom get ready and now girls can’t even get a text back. Sad!”

5. “My boyfriend and I decided to spend a day on the beach and spent $4 on colored pencils so we could color these coloring books of our favorite movies...best $4 I’ve ever spent.”

6. “So my mom’s husband built my grandma a garden bed to avoid her having to bend down. What a man!”

7. “My boyfriend has taken a picture of me on every single date we’ve been on in the last year. I didn’t know why but for our anniversary he gave me this book.”

8. “Last week it was our third anniversary and we’re flat broke from paying the architect for our house plans. So instead of a fancy dinner, we drove out to our land, parked where our house will be built, and ate sandwiches on the tailgate. I am so glad I married this guy.”

9. “My boyfriend helped me pick out my nail color and I’m so in love with it.”

10. “My dad has a crush on this lady so when we went hiking he wrote her name in the sand and sent these to her.”

11. “I wasn’t in the states when MAC was giving away free lipsticks so my amazing boyfriend went to the store and got them for me.”

12. “I used to do my makeup with the little pink mirror and the light in the first picture. Today, I came home to this amazing surprise.”

13. “My little brother saved up to buy me a ring for my birthday.”

14. “My boyfriend surprised me and turned my favorite picture of us into pop art.”

15. “After telling my boyfriend how much I liked black roses, he surprised me today with the best birthday flowers hands down. He truly outdid himself!”

16. “My mom told her boyfriend to get her some peaches on the way home and he brought her someone’s tree.”

17. “He never stops surprising me.”

18. “He said, ’I washed them for you.’ ROFL!”

We’re sure that even the toughest realists and pragmatics had some romantic stories at least once in their lives. Please share yours in the comments!

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