20 People Shared Life’s Sacred Moments That Made Their Hearts Sing

3 years ago

If you’re feeling down and looking for some positivity in your life, we suggest you stop and smell the roses with us. There’s nothing like a smile on a man who just beat cancer, or the wonder in a child’s eyes who just saw manatees for the first time. Just the sight of these things lifts you up. We hope that these and many more fleeting moments will make you feel excited about life.

We at Bright Side offer a glimpse into people’s most precious memories that won’t leave you indifferent.

1. “Went home for the holidays and my birthday. My dad and I fell asleep. Love so much this pic my uncle took of us.”

2. “He has been checking on her twice an hour for over a week now.”

3. Safe and sound together

4. “Bernie played with his alpaca so hard that he fell asleep still holding it.”

5. “My son was born yesterday and rushed to the NICU. Today my wife got to hold him for the first time.”

6. “Our goat lost her mother when she was very young, since then she and our llama have been inseparable.”

7. “They hadn’t seen each other for months. We finally arranged a playdate. This was them when it was time to leave.”

8. “Yes, it’s possible to move out of the friend zone.”

9. “My daughter and I before her open heart surgery (Update: It went well!)”

10. “My 101-year-old grandfather threw a 100th birthday party for his best friend, Bob.”

11. “She’s just what we needed to make our family complete.”

12. “Finally done with chemo for cancer! Best birthday gift ever.”

13. “My brother finishing his largest stained glass yet.”

14. “A look of pure wonder as my son sees manatees at the zoo for the first time.”

15. “My longtime buddy got to see his little brother for the first time in 3 years.”

16. “3 miscarriages, 3 years later. We finally get to meet the angel we’ve been longing for.”

17. “Managed to get this perfectly timed photo of my Pom today.”

18. “Can’t feed myself, but I can feed our best girl!”

19. “My son smelling bacon for the first time.”

20. “My boy met his new pup.”

Which of these photos tugged at your heartstrings? Share your own favorite memories with us!

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n 18 is such a heartwarming photo... Dogs are our best friends and truly teaches us the best of emotions!


Kids are the happiness of our lives... I love my two kiddos so much! They make my life worthy :))


Im happy for you, I hope you have a good relationship together, but im curious! who started it? :D


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