23 Pics That Are So Mesmerizing, We Couldn’t Help but Stare at Them for a Long Time

2 years ago

There are images that captivate our eyes and our minds and make us as curious as a kitten. Given our preference for novelty, this human craving for “awe” plays a big role in our health and well-being. Maybe you feel it when you’re surprised, or maybe when you see something unexpectedly beautiful. It’s only natural.

We at Bright Side found some pictures that can take us from “wow” to “awe” in a second, so we’re sharing the goodness. Prepare to be mesmerized.

1. “Feels like it’s staring into my soul.”

2. “Taken while visiting the mechanic.”

3. “This glowing building.”

4. “Greenhouses in Leamington, ON cause the sky to have a purple glow.”

5. Incredible ice pattern

6. “This lava flow was mesmerizing and the heat was incredible.”

7. “The sun melting ice in a parking lot”

8. “Beautiful white peacock”

9. “My friend’s blind cat, Soren, has amazing eyes.”

10. “Made a tapestry into makeshift curtains.”

11. “Zoom in a little. It’s a log fire.”

12. “A cloud eating other clouds.”

13. “This frozen spider web on my car mirror”

14. “Beautiful eyes”

15. “Incredible face my father shot in the clouds”

16. “Beautiful frost pattern on my car window.”

17. “A cave in New Zealand lit solely by glow worms”

18. “Found these beautiful colors hiding inside a piece of wood.”

19. “A bismuth crystal cluster I grew”

20. “The rainbow refracted by my aquarium at this time of year is back!”

21. “I’m going through my polished crystals/rocks and this one has me stumped.”

22. “Spheres suspended in cubes — made entirely with glass”

23. “The pool jets melted the ice quicker in spots.”

When was the last time you noticed something beautiful? Did you take a picture? We invite you to share your magic with the rest of us!

Preview photo credit Mattehzoar / Reddit


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