20 Times People Leveled Up Basic Things Into Real Gems

2 years ago

A simple mop was upgraded by Thomas W. Stewart into a clamping device that could wring water out of it by using a lever to make people’s lives easier. Nowadays, it’s an essential item for nearly every home. You never know how far your improvements can go, and maybe they can be useful in the future somehow.

We at Bright Side always get inspired by creative people and are sharing 20 things that they could improve based on trivial stuff.

1. This roast beef sandwich could be enough for several people.

2. “My neighbors turned a lawn chair into a porta-potty.”

3. “This waste-reducing hotel bar soap that’s designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars.”

4. “Creative traffic sign drawings in Florence, Italy”

5. “Chick-fil-A employees taking orders in their own personal shelters.”

6. “A 3D Doritos packaging sign in Lithuania”

7. “My friend bought a house and the toilet paper holder is a combined radio and telephone.”

8. “It took me 5 years to track down (and then visit) the location of this WWII photo of my grandfather. Taken in 1945 and 2017.”

9. “This is the apple tree that my parents found dead, and I made a cat tree out of it.”

10. “With the huge snowstorm in Madrid, I made a Moai instead of a snowman.”

11. Tired Buddha

12. “My parents’ hotel room has a dark towel specifically for removing makeup.”

13. “My brother’s milk tea came in an LED light bulb.”

14. “I made a sideways pencil to mark something in an area I could not reach.”

15. “I found this in a restaurant in South Korea. It is mouth wash.”

16. “This pamphlet I got on my door made me not want to touch my doorknob until I realized...”

17. “A device that shows how much the box it’s stapled on has been tilted during shipment.”

18. “This packet of pasta has a drawing to gauge the quantity of pasta without a scale.”

19. “This plant pot also holds my glasses.”

20. “A local grocery store’s meat counter got creative with the ground pork today.”

What have you made that you’re proud of? Have a picture of it? Please share it with us!

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!


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