18 Pics That Prove We Haven’t Seen All the Odd Ideas Yet

2 years ago

The routines that we establish to help organize our days tend to make our life repetitive. As a result, that redundancy could take the excitement out of our everyday living. However, luckily human imagination has no limits, and our minds can be stretched in too many directions, including peculiar and curious directions.

At Bright Side, we love people who think outside the box to spice up their days. So, we’ve collected 18 original ideas and designs.

1. “A sculpture made from discarded wood crates”

2. “Tree stump cake for my boyfriend”

3. “Homemade coffee bean cookies”

4. “I got a cardboard bread tag instead of a plastic one.”

5. “The drain from this bubbler goes down to fill the dog’s water bowl.”

6. “This job site has a vending machine just for cables.”

7. “This car that looks like a banana and has ‘banana’ written on its license plate.”

8. “My phone holder kind of looks like a penguin asking for a hug.”

9. “My 7-year-old son made a Lego vase for his twin brother’s Lego sunflowers.”

10. “My uncle gave me a pencil that grow seeds.”

11. “This banknote has braille!”

12. “Garage door on the corner of the building.”

13. “These Lay’s chips are Wagyu steak flavored.”

14. “Property I help maintain has a desk in a common area bathroom.”

15. “A bunch of candles someone was selling at an event (they’re too pretty to burn)”

16. “This guy let me take a picture of his shirt on the commute home. It made my day.”

17. “My son drew us, so I got it framed in a tattoo.”

18. “I saw this lady at a BBQ.”

Have you recently come across a weird design that has left you bemused? We’d love for you to add it to our list in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit RavenBAMF/Reddit


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