15+ People Who Were Unexpectedly Showered With Luck

2 years ago

Frane Selak from Croatia is considered to be the luckiest person by many people. He’s been through a car crash, plane crash, and train crash, but still managed to survive. On the other hand, the fact that he was in those situations in the first place makes his title of the luckiest person a little questionable. There’s no such ambiguity for our heroes in today’s compilation — they just got little presents from life and shared the good news online.

We at Bright Side are happy for these fortunate people, and we’d like to tell their stories here.

1. “Found this in the crawl space while repairing the roof.”

2. “Our local magazine did an interview featuring my wife’s novel. Didn’t expect to land the cover!”

3. “Got lucky this coffee maker was in the way. It saved my life.”

4. “An adorable little guy surprised my husband on his morning hike!”

5. “67 years ago, my dad took this picture while on a date with Sophia Loren.”

6. “Growing up, my father stomped on my Tamagotchi. Today I got it for Christmas and I’ve never been so happy to open a present.”

7. “A random stranger walked into my store to give me this for my next customer!”

8. “My town gives us free parking for the holidays!”

9. “Ryan Reynolds sent me a Christmas card.”

10. “My mom snuck a baggie of homemade cookies into my purse this morning when I dropped my son off at her house before work.”

11. “After a year of trying, we got our first positive today!”

12. “My wife went to the Gasparilla Bowl and jokingly said, ’Look for me on TV!’ Guess who I saw on TV?”

13. “This huge box of Lindor chocolates we got for free”

14. “I woke up and my room was pink.”

15. “I am so happy right now, I actually found some edible cookies in this box instead of a sewing kit.”

16. “Out of work, down to my last dollar, and wasn’t sure what I was going to give my daughter for Christmas. Then my neighbor knocked...”

17. “I get home from work and all of this is on my porch. I called the customer...turns out they used to live in this house.”

“I was assured the pizza is okay to keep and eat!”

18. “A picture of my grandfather at Ali’s house”

19. Christina Aguilera asked him for a massage, and he delivered!

Have you ever been showered with luck? What happened?

Preview photo credit Wh***ey___Neat / Reddit


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