17 Times People Unexpectedly Witnessed a Tiny Miracle

3 years ago

Day by day the universe brings various miracles to people. Those can be mysterious circles in the sky or a frozen flower that was miraculously preserved after a snow storm. Oftentimes, we come across inexplicable finds as well, like a seashell that looks exactly like a wireless earbud or a secret message left in an egg yolk.

We at Bright Side regularly look through pics like this and we are sure that they will interest both the naive the educated among us. The bonus part will show you a weird object that Reddit users can’t seem to figure out and you can take part in guessing what it is as well.

“Frozen flower I found in Austin during the Texas winter storm”

“Today I saw a weird circle in the sky. Lots of folks pulled over to take pics of it.”

“Sunlight hitting her ring just right”

  • After I bought my wife’s diamond ring, I had a couple of weeks before I proposed. It’s a good size stone and internally flawless. I’d go find big dark spaces and shine my laser pointer into different facets. It was really cool in a dark large room and in my closet. © Mikelowe93 / Reddit

The way the drizzle froze to the chicken wire

“I found a shell that looks like an AirPod.”

“There was a small hole in the side of a trailer I was loading today, resulting in an image of the street outside being projected upside down on the opposite wall.”

“I photographed a squirrel so close that the reflection in its eye shows my phone and my hand with the pine nuts.”

This cloud looks like a tornado.

“What would cause my friend’s lawn to look like this after the snow melted?”

  • That’s some major vole activity. They look a lot like mice but tend to be very active under winter snows and like tunneling. © midrandom / Reddit

“These tinted windows make it look like we’re in the ocean.”

“I found this print from where a gray wolf slept in the snow. You can even see her ribs!”

“This palm tree is growing out of the middle of an oak tree.”

“This winter scene that appeared on our car”

“My raw egg has the number 5 on its yolk.”

“The river near me flooded, then froze, then the water receded leaving these hovering ice shelves on the trees.”

“Bubbly clouds that I took a picture of last spring”

“Found this thing on the sand. Slowly moving, floats in water.”

  • Please, put it back where you found it. That’s a Blue Dragon Sea Slug, it can sting you. © OffManWall / Reddit

Bonus: “My husband and I heard a big crash at 5 a.m., like something had fallen off the roof. Later he found this feather mass on the ground.”

  • Showed this to my wife (ornithologist and zookeeper of 15+ years). The inside vary likely has fly eggs on it and the feathers are likely from a duck. But she has never seen a feathered mass grown off of a bird like this. © hsudude22 / Reddit

Have you ever come across unusual things or phenomena? Do you have any explanations regarding the feather mass from the bonus part?


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pls Brightside don't start getting to repetitive. Again in this article you've used the wolfs shape left in the snow and the pic that looks like it's under the ocean. Im starting to see repeats used on a daily basis at the moment


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