20 Times Nature Decided to Surprise Us in the Most Unexpected Way

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The mysteries of nature are something that we continue to ponder upon. Studies have shown that almost 86% of the Earth’s species are undiscovered, proving just how little we know about this planet. Even in our daily lives, we sometimes come across odd spectacles in the wild that make us wonder if our eyes are playing tricks on us.

Bright Side put together such instances where we had to do a double-take and were left in awe of nature.

1. “Bought a box of bananas. 3 of them are fused into 1.”

2. “Some papayas inside a papaya”

3. “This strawberry looks like a butterfly.”

4. “It’s a starfish pumpkin.”

5. “This is one leaf.”

6. “This strawberry knows what’s up.”

7. “A roasted carrot that bears a strong resemblance to a smiley face”

8. “A plant is growing in my friend’s truck.”

9. “An almost perfectly round bird nest we found behind a sign under our porch”

10. “A baby succulent growing from a leaf”

11. “This moth that looks like a stick”

12. “This red banana grew a yellow stripe.”

13. “This red onion has a heart.”

14. “My orange had a mini orange inside it, peel and all.”

15. “This watermelon went bad and looks insane.”

16. “I found a smaller pepper in my bell pepper today.”

17. “I found this dandelion head that grew through both holes on my Haybine.”

18. “This mushroom I found that looks like Squidward”

19. “Strangely long dandelion stem”

20. “This cut strawberry looks like the Teletubbies sun baby!”

What is the strangest thing in nature that you’ve encountered? Have you ever seen anything similar to the pictures on this list? Tell us about it!

Preview photo credit Peeooowwww / Reddit


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