11 Times Photoshop Battles Got Completely Out of Control

2 years ago

The first ever photo to be photoshopped was a photo of the founder John Knoll’s girlfriend on the beach called ’Jennifer in Paradise.’ Ever since that, this software has been boosting the confidence of people using some editing and tweaking. Nowadays the photoshop level has been off the charts as people use it to create memes.

Here at Bright Side we’ve been surfing the internet lately to find you some of the most hilarious and creative photoshopped photos ever.

1. This woman lining up with a book cover

2. This cat bathed in light from a stained glass window

3. This badass hawk

4. Girl with a blue cotton candy sugar high

5. A frog with snails on its head, resembling Princess Leia

6. A capybara with some squirrel monkeys

7. This fox smelling a flower

8. This alpaca judging your driving ability

9. This girl sitting on the edge of a cliff

10. Ronaldo angry at the referee during FIFA 2018 World Cup

11. The internet has its way with Miss America

Wasn’t that an experience worth photoshopping? Do you have any hilarious photoshopped photos? Feel free to drop them in the comments and share this article if you liked the content.


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