17 People Who Could Easily Win the “Clumsiest Person” Award

3 years ago

Sometimes, we may lack proper attention to detail, experience, or even good luck. That’s when unsuccessful culinary experiments come to the world, when things fall and furniture breaks. At such moments, it’s difficult not to think that something is wrong with your hands; but failures happen to everyone, and the main thing to keep in mind is that they give us a good reason to laugh.

We at Bright Side admire people who are willing to post both their success and failures online, which is why we decided to show you these brave souls.

“My parents mistook a brining bag for an oven bag, and the plastic melted all over the turkey.”

“I made a rabbit myself the other day. I am 34 years old.”

“Well, it’s not a good idea to clean the screen of a laptop with glass cleaner.”

“Oh man, you’re screwed!”

“I decided to make my own lip gloss so I put food coloring in petroleum jelly. Now it’s stuck in my lips! Tomorrow I have online classes and will have to turn my camera on.”

“Apparently, my baked goods don’t feel too well.”

“The education system is beyond messed up. Please create a class that teaches us guys to gift wrap. I wrap more presents than I use the Pythagorean theorem.”

“There was a piece of sand on my glasses’ cleaning cloth.”

“Good morning, I just poured milk onto my plastic-wrapped coffee.”

“I let my boyfriend take my car to see his mom. My car keys have a glass-breaking rescue tool on them. This is my boyfriend’s mom’s table now.”

“It’s funny until it happens to you...”

“When you drop the milk just right...”

“I put my shoes in the dryer and they turned into boomerangs.”

“I wanted to bake a Reddit cookie but got distracted...by Reddit.”

“I dropped my marinated salmon fillets just as we were about to eat.”

“I wish I was laughing because it’s funny but I’m actually laughing because that’s how I cope with pain.”

“I tried to make Sponge Bob chocolate for Christmas and dyed them green. Now they look like bars of soap.”

Do you encounter occasional failures or are you one of those people who does everything perfectly at all times?

Preview photo credit applejackplayz / Reddit


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