19 People Who Know a Thing or 2 About Having a Bad Day

2 years ago

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Getting a really bad haircut, get locked outside your car, or even have a disastrous holiday episode can be the ultimate bad luck experience. But the secret to a light-hearted life is to take these moments and transform them into the greatest laughable story to tell your friends and family.

Bright Side found some people that didn’t let their bad day ruin their sense of humor and shared with the internet how unlucky they were.

1. “My mother took a haircutting course 9 years ago. She confidently lured my brother in for a haircut. This is the result.”

2. “When you finally win family bingo and your prize is gefilte fish.”

3. “Yesterday our neighbor’s tree gave us a great view of the stars.”

4. “My pizza was delivered on its side.”

5. “Company sent mismatched pieces of my new couch today. They don’t make the couch anymore.”

6. “Broke my ankle, wrist, and tore my ligament & a tendon in my thumb on my wedding day.”

7. “I thought I was having a bad day until I drove by this.”

8. “I just spent over an hour in traffic on my way to work and then I looked down.”

9. “My girlfriend opened her jewelry-making box upside down.”

10. “Lost my phone at a construction site today. Found it a little later...”

11. “What having a cat is like:”

12. “I might not have thought this through...”

13. “I was excited to see the tip of Africa from Gibraltar but... fog.”

14. “Ordered wings for lunch (banana for scale).”

15. “My son teased his sister and she threw a video game controller at my parent’s 75” TV."

16. “11-hour day trip ahead of us. Seat sold as ’window seat.’”

17. “My car this morning”

18. “I just wanna go home.”

19. “Tanned a bit too much while wearing shoes.”

What was the most unlucky situation you have ever been through?

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Last time I wore a mask and didn’t put on sunscreen, and now I have a mask shaped tan on my face

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