12 Problems All Girls Encounter in Fall

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5 years ago

Fall is a time of gorgeous outfits, warm sweaters, bright boots, pumpkin lattes and soft yellow-red leaves on the ground. But is it really always as perfect as we imagine it?

We at Bright Side would like to show you some ironic, yet very true problems of fall that all girls have to encounter during this season.

Fall is the most unpredictable season.

It often doesn’t want to let the summer go.

But even when it gets really cold, we still don’t want to dress according to the weather.

We look for any way possible to get warm.

But when we’re in a sad mood, there are proven ways to feel better...

It helps to look for the best in everything.

You can raise your spirits with beautiful accessories.

Anti-stress shopping can be very handy. Just don’t forget to buy new foundation!

It helps to be careful during photo shoots.

Don’t be sad that your school days are in the past.

And cheer yourself up!

There are so many different ways to wear a scarf!

Which problems do you encounter during the fall? Share your stories in the comments section below!

Illustrated by Elena Sorokina for Bright Side


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What I love about fall is the color of the leaves, they make the streets look so amazing. Don't you think?


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