15 Designers That Deserve 1,000 Hugs and Kisses

2 years ago

There are good designs, there are great designs, and there is a dress sewn entirely out of fallen autumn leaves. Read: completely another level. These examples prove that the spring of human creativity will never dry out and we can all sigh with relief.

Bright Side found 15 gems that could redeem the entire genre of “hideous design” compilations that are so abundant on the internet, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

1. Shoe-shaped dog bed for dogs that love slippers

2. Cat-friendly furniture that gives your cat a seat at the table, making them the centerpiece

3. “I made a moon bassinet.”

4. “This shopping cart has a spot for kids to stand on while the parent pushes.”

5. “I made a Roman bust aquarium! It was only a temporary art installation, and afterward, I moved the fish into a larger tank for their well-being.”

6. Superhero floating bookshelf

7. “I designed and laser cut my own headphones.”

8. Custom puzzle map for people in long-distance relationships that can connect couples through any distance.

9. “Made a fake security camera birdhouse from scrap wood.”

10. “This ’floating’ table my dad built.”

11. 2D café in Moscow

12. Octopus cup holder

13. “Japanese vending machine adapted to its surroundings”

14. Wooden birdhouse in a form of a camper that you can put together and customize yourself

15. “I made a dress out of the leaves in my garden. It was either this or rake them all up, seemed a shame for them to go to waste.”

What examples of great design have you seen? Have you ever tried your hand at designing anything?

Preview photo credit hewadnews.com


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