15+ Times When People’s Creativity Hit the Highest Level

2 years ago

From making a pizza dress to painting strawberries right on your hair, these people never seem to get bored because they have creative flashes in their brains. They take whatever they have at hand and make real masterpieces that show real genius.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t help but share 19 creations from people who made everyday objects and things shine with new shapes, colors, and concepts. We’d love for you to take a look at them together with us.

1. “My mom made a pineapple tree fruit display.”

2. “I got to paint strawberries on a head today!”

3. “This maze for you to do while you wash your hands at my school”

4. This Van Gogh style painted swimming pool

5. “Astro boy traffic light in Sagami, Japan”

6. The ship that looks like a zipper unzipping the water

7. People grow trees in different shapes and get sculptures and even chairs.

8. “A creative roadside campaign in my town to raise awareness against using your phone while driving.”

9. “This is how my new glasses were packed and delivered.”

10. “I crocheted plants for my house.”

11. “I made this origami koi fish a few years back for our tip jar. It took me 3 days and all of my patience.”

12. “I made a hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy in my resin kitchen floor.”

13. “I made a tree armlet with some copper wire and a couple of labradorite beads.”

14. “I turned my TV into a Nintendo switch.”

15. “I made $5,000 prom shoes for my sister for $40.”

16. “I made a cat thingy for my handicapped cat.”

17. “I cooked an amethyst geode cake for my daughter’s seventh birthday.”

18. “I made this silver ring for my girlfriend out of clay.”

19. “I designed and made a pizza dress.”

Which of the creations did you love the most? What is something that you made on your own that you’re extremely proud of?

Preview photo credit avantgeekart / Imgur


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