14 Times People Got Exactly What They Ordered and Then Some

3 years ago

Be careful what you wish for — living without expectations can take a weight off your shoulders. We could forget about disappointments, discomfort, or sadness, but you can easily have a moment of weakness when you wish things were different. But this can be a slippery slope because sometimes, your wish might get granted but in the most literal way possible.

And that’s exactly what happened to all these people that Bright Side compiled to make this article. Not only were some of their non-existent expectations met, but they were exceeded — or not.

1. “I manage a deli for a small chain supermarket. One of the cart guys asked me to make a pizza with 4 times the regular amount of cheese. That’s 30 ounces of cheese!”

2. “When your 3-year-old asks for a rainbow dinosaur donut birthday, you deliver. Drew up the design and had it made and they did an awesome job.”

3. “The menu allowed you to order extra whipped cream for 30 cents, presumably for ice cream or cake. I wanted to see what would happen if I just ordered it without anything else...”

4. “My dad ordered a salad for 20 people and received 20 single-person salads.”

5. “I asked for extra pepperoni...”

6. “I asked for light mayo.”

7. “I left a note in the delivery instructions asking for as much extra ranch as was ’permitted by state law’”

8. — Mom: “How many tacos do you want?”

— Dad: “I don’t know, several.”


— Mom: *orders 21 tacos*

9. “Asked the hubby to get me some ginger. This is ’some ginger.’”

10. “My boyfriend ordered the bleu cheese filet.”

11. “Asked for no tomatoes on my salad, and the server asked if bacon was ok. I jokingly said, ’All the bacon!’ And he delivered.”

12. “Can I have a little bit more white sauce, please?”

13. “Asked for extra onion...”

14. “Asked for a corgi cake for my birthday. The husband did not disappoint at all!”

Have your low expectations ever been exceeded? Was the result good or bad? Let us know in the comments!

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Not sure if this is people trying to be funny or just being super lazy, like that extra onion is just lame :(


I actually really like that corgi cake! I would love if I got this :D


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