20 Photos That Show Nature Has Something Remarkable for Us

2 years ago

Mother Nature can lock you out of your office just by freezing a door handle. It can create a giant beet that looks like a heart. You can even find insect eggs on your clothes smiling at you. Every day can be filled with something startling.

We at Bright Side keep searching for outstanding things and want to share 20 pics that show how nature can be truly remarkable.

1. A giant bird surprised a man with its company.

2. “This massive beet”

3. “Mother Nature locked me out of my office.”

4. This tree looks like a squirrel with raised hands.

5. “The frog is stretching.”

6. “The tree is covered with mushrooms.”

7. “My hands after washing the dishes for 20 minutes”

8. “This heirloom tomato from my garden”

9. “Some mushrooms are so vibrant that they look borderline artificial.”

10. “This piece of natural driftwood with a skull on the front”

11. “2 for the price of 1!”

12. “This tree looks like it has a face, spotted in Alpine.”

13. “Smiling insect eggs on my laundry”

14. “Nature taking over the chair”

15. “I came across a cicada freshly emerged from its shell.”

16. “This perfect waterfall”

17. “That pinecone looks like a bird.”

18. “I found this lion’s mane fungus on a hike today in central Massachusetts.”

19. “I can do this with my ear.”

20. “My friend’s belly hair doesn’t line up with his belly button.”

What was the last thing that surprised or amazed you about nature? Do you have pics of it? Please share it with us!


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