15 Images That Leave Us Intrigued to Know the Story Behind

2 years ago

We’re so used to the world that surrounds us, we often don’t pay attention to the rareness of some objects or events. Meanwhile, our lives are full of things that have a greater story behind them. The heroes of our article captured things so unusual that it made us want to dig up the stories behind them.

We at Bright Side are fascinated by every object our heroes found, and we want to share them with our readers.

1. “One of my pupils won’t dilate.”

2. “No idea what kind of bottle it is or how long it’s been there, but it wouldn’t budge.”

3. “Yesterday it snowed and I went to work. After work, the snow melted, except where my footprints were.”

4. “This is how they see if your cornea has been damaged if you hurt your eye.”

5. “It’s so cold that the spider webs froze over.”

6. “This tree with its own water supply”

7. “Was there already a hole in the chestnut and the plant grew through it, or did the plant make a hole in it?”

8. “The other side of a fast-food soda fountain”

9. “Drove by an Easter Island snowman today.”

10. “This van on the way home”

11. “Amazing uranium glass collection”

12. “My job has a bearing that was made in the USSR.”

13. “I have coke bottles hanging upside down from my ceiling.”

14. “My girlfriend’s coffee cup is looking to reunite The One Ring and its master.”

15. “Anyone know what happened to this knife?”

Have you ever found something that hid an interesting story behind it?

Preview photo credit mlongley / Reddit


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