19 Moments That No One Would Believe If They Weren’t Captured on Camera

9 months ago

Have you ever seen something incredible that no one believed was true? We bet you regretted not taking a picture to prove it.

1. Dark chocolate in a golden wrapper

2. These firefighters are saving cops stuck in an elevator.

3. Natural shape

4. A sandwich shop offered Liam Neeson free food. Liam Neeson showed up.

5. An owl flew into a moving car through an open window.

6. A rainbow over Rainbow Blvd

7. The new neighbors came by to introduce themselves.

8. Cats want to have fun too.

9. A unique car pyramid

10. A beautiful rainbow pigeon

11. Acrobatics in the pub bathroom!

12. How is it even possible?

13. When you can’t live without your favorite jeans:

14. The bus driver looks exactly like Walter White from Breaking Bad.

15. A Lamborghini in a flooded garage

16. It’s definitely a very special stick if someone checked it in at the airport.

17. He fell but survived.

18. Unbelievable stone balancing

19. This 94-year-old dollar was found on the ground.

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit unknown / imgur


#3 is a mountain in Hong Kong I know bc we lived there until 8 months ago we used to see it in Tsun Mun shopping centre (sry if I seem like a know-it-all)

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