15 “Ingenious” Situations That Made Us Laugh Without Even Trying

2 years ago

We really should cherish people who have a funny bone in their bodies. Intentionally or not, they enrich our lives in many ways. Not only do they lift our mood with their quirky, funny bits, but they are also responsible for boosting our immune system, diminishing pain, and lessening the effects of stress.

Science says that laughter extends our lifespan, so we at Bright Side are thoughtfully serving you with 15 chuckle-worthy pics that will hopefully turn that frown upside down.

1. “My neighbor’s home security system”

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2. “My neighbor freezes one snowball to throw at me in mid-July. I say this summer, it’s game on.”

3. “I looked over, and my cat was doing the same thing as the curtain.”

4. “My little brother just returned from trick or treating with a Ferrero Rocher.”

5. “In the drive-thru today”

6. “We’re getting a new kitchen countertop soon. Making sandwiches will be easier.”

7. “Apparently, my company’s giving out sewing kits for Christmas.”

8. “On a park bench near my home...”

9. “My best painting to this date — I call it ’Nordic Winter Afternoon.’”

10. “I’m planning to move out, but some things are just hard to throw away.”

11. “The council will decide your fate.”

12. “Our candy sign from last night”

13. “My partner left potato chip crumbs in the sink last night, so I sent him this.”

14. A customer walked into my store wearing this."

15. “My wife might be a bit too good at The Sims...”

Which of these pics made you laugh the most? Let us know if you have any similarly funny pics and we might just feature them in our future articles.

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Preview photo credit poldridge / Reddit


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