15 Times That Nature Decided to Amaze Us Again

2 years ago

There’s an eerie natural phenomenon called “Rain of animals” when fish or frogs can just fall from the sky on people’s heads like rain. This way or that, nature continues amazing us with new sights that can suddenly make us stop with our mouth wide open and look at them, not even able to say “Momma!”

Here at Bright Side, we love the creative approach to things. Today we’ve collected 15 examples of rare findings that could break the borders of your imagination and make you believe that there are a lot more wonders out there.

1. “Picture of a 2-headed turtle found in a box of family photos from 1993.”

2. “An interesting bird I caught at my job. Yes, that’s right this is a bird.”

3. “The spine of sun on my son.”

4. “A friend of mine has 2 identical smiling kittens.”

5. “I caught and released this fish in downtown Austin, TX, on Lady Bird Lake.”

6. “This little lemon tree has more lemon than tree.”

7. “This bird landed by my window and stared at me with so much judgement.”

8. “My kitty and rat snuggling”

9. “Brilliantly purple hummingbird we came across working in Honduras’ rain forests.”

10. “The pattern of this plant’s leaves looks like another type of plant.”

11. “This flower my girlfriend found in her bouquet”

12. “This bird’s beak looks like another bird’s face.”

13. “My raw egg has the number 5 on its yolk.”

14. “This rose has 3 blooms.”

15. “My chili pepper looks like it’s laughing at me.”

What is the small wonder that you saw recently and wanted to share with the whole world? Where did you find it?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit drdalebrant / Reddit


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