20 People Who Know All Too Well How Hard Mornings Can Be

3 years ago

Mornings are actually quite unpredictable — you may wake up fresh and full of energy but once you get out of bed, you become a true embodiment of absent-mindedness. Plugging in an electric kettle and forgetting to switch it on or pouring mayo into your coffee instead of milk is just the beginning. Some people drop everything accidentally and others break stuff — and then there are those who put a frying pan full of food right into the sink.

We at Bright Side are well aware of how hard mornings can be, but still, the characters of our compilation have impressed us to the core — we had no idea this time of the day could be so astoundingly diverse.

“I have a set of photos that show how I mess things up in the mornings.”

It’s all about gravitation!

“At first, I couldn’t understand where the system had glitched, and only after opening the sugar-basin did I understand all the malfunctions of logical operations. I need some good sleep.”

When your mind decides that it’s high time you change your pottery set but you haven’t realized it yet.

“My bathroom cabinet gave up on life at 5 a.m. this morning and nearly gave me a heart attack.”

When your brain plays jokes on you in the morning:

Great start to a Monday...

Well, this can happen to anyone...

“The courier sent me this as a delivery confirmation photo.”

When your wish to sleep is physically irresistible:

“Well, good morning!”

When you even fail to do automatic actions:

“My day started with my mosquito net flying away from me. For what?”

The cat was happy to have such surprises, indeed.

“Anyone I show this to just thinks the cat knocked over my bowl of cereal, then I have to point out what really ruined my morning.”

The highest level of sleepiness

“Note to self: coffee pot goes IN the coffee maker.”

Mornings are never easy.

When absent-mindedness is your middle name:

“Tore apart my room, my bedding, and even flipped my mattress looking for my glasses. Then I felt something on my back.”

How do your days usually start? Have you ever found yourself in any funny or curious situations in the morning? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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I can imagine how scared I would be if one of my shelves fell on the floor at night..


When I'm sleepy in the morning I simply sit and stare in one dot for several minutes :D


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