What the Kids of 17 Celebrities Famous for Their Unique Appearance Look Like

10 months ago

Children of celebrities are always under the watchful eye of the paparazzi, allowing fans to make comparisons between both generations. And if in some cases you have to look closely to see the similarities, in other cases everything is surprisingly clear at first glance.

At Bright Side, we made a list of children who are in no way inferior to their celebrity parents’ charisma, and have inherited their unique, recognizable features.

Liv and Caleb, children of Julianne Moore

Julian, son of Lisa Kudrow

Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, sons of Gwen Stefani

Lucy, daughter of Danny DeVito

Colin, son of Tom Hanks

Ever, daughter of Milla Jovovich

Lorraine, daughter of Jack Nicholson

Matilda, daughter of Heath Ledger

Corinne, daughter of Jamie Foxx

Harper, daughter of David Beckham

Ziggy, son of Bob Marley

Carys, daughter of Catherine Zeta-Jones

Zoe, daughter of Samuel L. Jackson

Ella, daughter of John Travolta

Zelda, daughter of Robin Williams

Deacon, son of Reese Witherspoon

Blue, daughter of Beyoncé

Which celebrity child do you think is the exact copy of their famous parent?


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