15 Travelers Showed the Cool Things They Found in Airports and Airplanes

2 years ago

When traveling by airplane, you can find more than just check-in counters, baggage shelves, and sleeping passengers. Sometimes you can come across unusual things, like a memorable meal, chairs for monks only, or electrical outlets under every seat.

At Bright Side, we love to travel. And today, we made a list of the most functional and cute things found in airports and airplanes all over the world. Read till the end, where you’ll see a very unusual passenger.

1. “Buddhist monks get special seats at Thai airports.”

2. “This rice airplane curry for kids at a Japanese airport”

3. “This salt and pepper shaker I got on my flight was shaped like a plane.”

4. “The plane I just boarded has extra cubbies to keep your luggage.”

5. “This plane has a tablet holder rather than an entertainment system.”

6. This hand drier at the airport projects the word “dry” when your hands are dry.

7. “My in-flight meal came with a food plane.”

“It’s an after-dinner mint.”

8. “A tiny loaf I was served on a recent flight. I made a tiny cheese sandwich.”

9. Every detail is important in this airport. Even this bolt on the airport escalator is shaped like an airplane.

10. The airport in Minneapolis has a place to hang a bag and a place for a rolling bag in the bathrooms.

11. This videophone at the Japanese airport lets you see people off after they’ve gone through security.

12. Chicago airport bathrooms have seat covers that replace themselves if you wave a hand or press a button.

13. You can test game demos in this airport.

14. “My flight gives out Hello Kitty slippers.”

15. This airport shuttle has a pole with 3 places to hold onto.

Bonus: “I’m at the Orlando airport and saw this — it’s a sculpture.”

What convenient or unusual things have you come across during your past flights? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Rosegoldjade / Reddit


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#1 you can find bus,etc seats for Buddhist monks in many Buddhist countries it very common


a cool thing with the games, people can pass their time fast


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