17 Repulsive Designs That Raise the Question, “Why?”

2 years ago

They say that good designs are invisible, while bad designs are everywhere, and they sting our eyes. That’s because sometimes people don’t think things through and only want to finish their job quickly. However, mistakes are being made every day and all we can do is notice them and maybe have some fun with them. Not everything has to be taken super seriously.

Bright Side can’t understand what these people had in mind when they designed these absurd things.

1. It must have been done on purpose.

2. “Something’s not quite right.”

3. “My sibling found this at work, and it is near impossible to get the soap on your hand.”

4. “So you can take a cold shower and stay warm at the same time”

5. Is this meant for the geese?

6. “This toilet at my sister’s house”

7. “See that beige part on the ground? It’s a brand new bike lane.”

8. The 2 best seats in the room

9. “Patch the wall? Sure thing, boss!”

10. “The placement of this ‘press to exit button’ in my apartment building”

11. “We may have made a strategic mistake, but this will not deter us.”

12. “To correctly depict talking on phones”

13. A great ad that surely sends the message

14. “Yes, it totally did not fit inside the wall (where it was supposed to be).”

15. “The new lock at my work has the handle placed on top of the keys, making it quite difficult to input the 6+ key code to enter.”

16. “Good thing this pedestrian overpass has an elevator to make it more accessible.”

17. “Got that hot fix ready, boss.”

Can you share equally bad designs and constructions that you’ve seen inside or outside?


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15-aha! Op has given away a hint about his passcode! *evil cackle*
16- I can smell this photo


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