How Actors From the Movies We Loved in the ’90s Have Changed Over the Years

4 years ago

Movies from the ’90s probably didn’t have those mind-blowing special effects modern movies now boast, but they surely had some peculiar moments we often miss today. True Lies, Runaway Bride, Casper, and Mask are just some of those good old movies from our childhood that bring about sweet memories of the past.

Here at Bright Side, we got truly nostalgic while looking through the pics of our favorite celebs from the ’90s and here’s what 17 of them look like now.

1. Linda Hamilton, 1991 vs 2019

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1990 vs 2019

3. Jamie Lee Curtis, 1998 vs 2020

4. Danny DeVito, 1992 vs 2019

5. Kelly Preston, 1991 vs 2018

6. Bruce Willis, 1999 vs 2019

7. Michelle Pfeiffer, 1990 vs 2020

8. Cameron Diaz, 1994 vs 2016

9. Jim Carrey, 1997 vs 2020

10. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 1999 vs 2019

11. Julia Roberts, 1990 vs 2019

12. Richard Gere, 1999 vs 2020

13. Demi Moore, 1991 vs 2020

14. Rose McGowan, 1999 vs 2019

15. Tommy Lee Jones, 1999 vs 2019

16. Christina Ricci, 1998 vs 2020

17. Kirsten Dunst, 1995 vs 2020

Which of the stars from our list changed the most during these years, in your opinion? What are your favorite movies from the ’90s?


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Danny Devito is HILARIOUS in Jumanji 2 as well as Dwayne Johnson imitating him! The smolder then confused Danny Devito face— very funny movie!


If we remove Jamie Lee wrinkles she would look almost the same as when she was younger


all of them look the same but different from when they were younger but soooo different besides the olson twins


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