14 People Who Are Ready to Tell You the Whole Truth About the Beauty Procedures They Used

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3 years ago

The beauty industry continues to offer us something new every now and then. While almost everyone has already heard about Botox, terms like SMAS-lifting, micro-needling, and lipocavitation are still unfamiliar to many of us. So we got curious and decided to find out what girls have to contend with when it comes to a cosmetologist’s procedures and whether they were happy with the results.

Bright Side is reminding you that all procedures should be done strictly at the recommendation and under the supervision of a specialist. At the end of the article, you’ll see a bonus that will show what, according to one lady’s opinion, Russian beauty salons look like.

1. “The photo in the left was taken accidentally, but thanks to it I realized that it was high time I visited a cosmetologist — my face had become so shapeless and swollen, while my cheekbones disappeared completely.”

“The cosmetologist recommended that I do a course of massage with kinesio taping, as well as lipolytics. She also told me I could slightly lift the corners of my lips with the help of hyaluronic acid. I was ready for anything. Thanks to the massage my face became less swollen and thanks to the lypolytics, I got my cheekbones back. All in all, the result was good and now I need to periodically repeat it so that it doesn’t disappear.”


3. “I couldn’t get rid of my belly fat for quite a while and finally decided to remove it with the help of cavitation (so-called non-surgical liposuction).”

“The cosmetologist took my measurements before and after the procedure — I lost about 1 inch of my volume right after the first procedure. Altogether, I had 6 sessions and the result is stunning. I could barely button up these jeans on my belly before.”

4. “I had been wanting to enlarge my lips for a long time and finally I dared to do it. At first, they seemed too big to me but once the swelling was gone I finally saw how beautiful they became.”

“I have zero regrets about what I’ve done, I continuously enjoy their look and often hear compliments about my lips. The main thing to keep in mind is to not make them too big and duck-like.”


6. “Once I noticed a purse-string wrinkle on my upper lip and decided to refresh the contour.”

“Knowing about my wish, my friend got me a surprise for my birthday and signed me up for an appointment with a cosmetologist. When I got to the appointment, a girl with pink hair holding a mini syringe in her hands was waiting for me. She made me cry because the anesthetic didn’t help and the whole procedure was extremely painful. During the first day, I looked as if someone had hit me in my mouth, and after that, everything started to look beautiful. All in all, I like it — it has already been 2 years but the effect is still there.”


8. “Correction of nasolabial folds has become the coolest gift I’ve given to myself.”

“The difference between these 2 photos is one day. The cosmetologist told me that the results would be noticeable after 2 weeks, but I saw them right away. It seems that nothing has changed in me, but I feel that I started to look less tired. However, no one in my family noticed anything.”

9. “I never liked my brows, they were invisible and I had to draw them on every day. Eventually, I got brows tattooed on and now I am happy.”


11. “Before and after 8 micro-needling procedures”


13. “I decided to get my lips and brows tattooed because I am a lazy bones. I got tired of making myself up every morning. Moreover, in the morning, being half-asleep, I would always draw my brows differently. Now all I need to do is to wash my face and I am ready to go.”

“It took me so long to choose the tattoo artist and I was lucky to get a good one. That’s why I am satisfied with the results, but I know many sad examples of when girls have gotten terrible brow tattoos. The conclusion is: we need to have a responsible approach to everything.”


Bonus: “My German mother-in-law presented me with a visit to a beauty salon before my wedding. She made sure to find me a Russian-speaking cosmetologist.”

“I’ve only seen an interior like this in theaters: crystal chandeliers, ceiling moldings, columns, antique leather furniture. As it turned out later, my mother-in-law was sure that we only have this kind of beauty salon in Russia and did her best to find the appropriate present for her future daughter-in-law.”

How do you usually take care of your face?


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I don't understand why you promote natural beauty on some of your pages and then you write something like this


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