17 Photos Showing How Some of Our Favorite Celebrities Have Changed Over the Years

2 years ago

All people change with age, and celebrities are no different. Some of them decide to age naturally, and we respect that. And others try to hold on to their youth with plastic surgeries, but such methods change their appearance quite a bit.

Bright Side has taken a look at photos of our favorite celebrities when they were young compared to now. We’ve noticed that some people still look great but different.

Christina Aguilera, 23 and 37 years old

Heidi Klum, 29 and 46 years old

Keanu Reeves, 28 and 55 years old

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, 16 and 32 years old

Johnny Depp, 31 and 53 years old

Kirsten Dunst, 17 and 35 years old

Winona Ryder, 23 and 45 years old

Geena Davis, 38 and 58 years old

Meg Ryan, 32 and 55 years old

Sharon Stone, 25 and 63 years old

Kesha, 23 and 31 years old

Vanessa Williams, 26 and 58 years old

Rose McGowan, 28 and 45 years old

Uma Thurman, 24 and 47 years old

Ashlee Simpson, 19 and 34 years old

Lady Gaga, 28 and 34 years old

Kate Middleton, 25 and 39 years old

Whose transformation amazed you the most?

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2 years ago
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