12 Fashion Trends That Were Started by Celebrities

6 months ago

Celebrities are divided into 2 groups — those who follow fashion trends and those who set them. The latter group consists of fewer celebs, but they’ll always be remembered as fashion pioneers.

We at Bright Side tried to remember the most striking and sometimes crazy trends that became popular thanks to celebrities.

Brigitte Bardot — off-the-shoulder tops

Women started to show their shoulders in the middle of the nineteenth century. But modern off-the-shoulder tops have become trendy thanks to the famous Brigitte Bardot. A provocative blouse that reminds one of lingerie became one of the actress’s signature looks. And off-the-shoulder tops, in their various styles, can be found in the wardrobe of almost every girl.

Madonna — low-rise pants

Despite the fact that Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger had worn low-rise pants (bumpers) before, this provocative trend became a hit in the late ’90s and early ’00s thanks to the designer Alexander McQueen and the singer Madonna. In 1994, McQueen shocked the public with his show, during which the models appeared on the runway wearing trousers with an obscenely low rise, and Madonna made this trend a world-wide sensation.

After Madona appeared in an advertisement in 1994 while wearing low-rise pants, this type of clothing became popular around the world.

Kate Moss — leopard print

In the ’90s, whatever the famous rebel Kate Moss was wearing became a fashion trend almost immediately. The same thing happened with scandalous leopard print. There’s a reason why people call Kate the “Queen of Leopard Print.” She knows how to combine this print with colors and textures that seem unsuitable at first sight, and yet, she always looks gorgeous.

Paris Hilton — velour tracksuits

Sportswear has long left fitness centers and moved onto the streets. And we can’t deny the role Paris Hilton played in this trend. Thanks to this iconic blonde, velour tracksuits have become one of the main fashion trends of the ’00s and a signature style of the whole generation.

Britney Spears — visible thongs

Visible thongs were one of the biggest — and presumably the most provocative — style of the ’00s. This trend started with the Gucci fashion show where models walked on the runway with their thong straps sticking out above their clothes. Many celebrities picked up this style, but Brintey Spears contributed to the popularity of this trend the most, making thongs a part of her stage outfits.

Rihanna — shoes with socks

Women wore heels with socks in the last century, but they did it mostly for practical reasons. When tights became popular, this habit completely outlived itself and even became considered an antitrend. But a couple of years ago, Rihanna breathed new life into it. The singer boldly combines bright socks with designer shoes. She once wore white mules with Gucci socks that cost $1,340.

Kim Kardashian — contouring

Contrary to popular belief, this TV star wasn’t the creator of contouring — this makeup technique appeared long before Kim Kardashian. But it was the reality star who made this trend wide-spread. This selfie that was taken back in 2012 forever changed the idea of ​​makeup.

Jennifer Aniston — Rachel’s hairstyle

The hairstyle, named after the character of the iconic Friends TV series, became a prominent symbol of the ’90s. Aniston appeared wearing her new hairstyle in the twentieth episode of the show. The actress’s stylist decided that she needed to change her image up a bit, and he was right because after the series was released, all fashionistas of that time wanted to get “the Rachel.”

It’s interesting to learn that Aniston actually hated this hairstyle. She once said, “I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen.”

Brigitte Bardot — smokey eyes

We can thank Brigitte Bardot for our favorite smokey eye makeup. Of course, such makeup had already existed long before this actress started wearing it but it was she who caused a small beauty revolution in the 1960s. While most fashionistas of that time were using eyeliner, Bardot proudly wore blurred eyeshadows on her eyelids that looked like she’d forgotten to take off her makeup from the night before.

Bella Hadid — a half-unbuttoned cardigan worn on a naked body

Until recently, a cardigan was considered a purely conservative clothing item and was associated with a “grandmother’s style.” But Bella Hadid radically changed this perception by wearing a cardigan on her naked body. Many girls fell in love with this bold style and this obsolete piece of clothing got a new life.

Jennifer Beals — one-shoulder sweatshirts

Showing off a little bit of shoulder in a sweatshirt was a popular look of the 1980s and actress Jennifer Beals created it by accident for the movie Flashdance. The sweatshirt, which she had brought from home, shrunk in the wash and the neckband had to be cut off so it would fit over the actress’s head.

Brigitte Bardot — ballet shoes

Yes, fashion owes a lot to Bardot. In 1956, entrepreneur Rose Repetto designed a ballet shoe at the request of Brigitte Bardot, called the “Cendrillon,” meaning “Cinderella” in French. The actress wore the shoes on the set of And God Created Woman, the film that made her a sex symbol around the world, and also in her free time. Bardot even appeared on the red carpet in Cannes with her ballet flats, popularizing the trend once and for all.

What fashion trends from different times do you remember? What would you add to our article?

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Britney Spears, as I have grown up seeing her, used to be the queen of vulgarity in 2000s! She was very outrageous and so were her songs except for Baby One More Time!


Seems like Bardot was the real the real trend setter :)

And I thought she only brought bangs to fashion


visible thongs is one of the weirdest and most vulgar threads.. I'm so happy it's not in fashion anymore ?


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