17 Unusual Things That People Spotted While Out and About

year ago

You can just go outside when you’re tired of your routine. Then you may find many little wonders that nature has prepared for you. It is more unpredictable than you think, just be more attentive to the details and don’t forget to take a picture.

1. “Hurricane Matthew was a sod of a beach in Daytona.”

2. “Long boi Russell avocado”

3. “The lichen growing only on the painted letters on this Cape Cod road sign”

4. “My brother found these lobster tails at a beach in Kauai.”

5. “Hail in Oswego today”

6. “I met a dog with 2 noses at work!”

7. “Home Depot left the sprinklers on overnight in freezing weather.”

8. “I knot my hand.”

9. “The rain washed away all the sand except under this rock.”

10. “This icy texture that formed on the side of my car on a 2-hour drive”

11. A tomato kiss

12. “Ssh, don’t want to wake him up.”

13. “Cedar tree explosion”

14. “Black-eyed Susan with an interesting mutation”

15. “I found a stone with dried seaweed attached to it.”

16. “Hail through a sunroof”

17. “The sun hit this freshly-paved tarmac just right and made a real-life Rainbow Road through polarized lenses.”


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The sleeping baby fox is adorable. I'd never drive the car again, as long as it used it for a bed.


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