17 Times Nature Suddenly Decided to Strike You With Notable Things

year ago

When you’re bored or sad, look around, and you may find many things that you overlooked before. This is especially true with nature, as it can hit you at a rare moment. Even a cluster of ladybugs can look very impressive and make you want to take a picture.

1. “My friend can bend his wrist completely.”

2. “Hala fruit”

3. “This grocery store in Estonia has a giant rock inside.”

4. “An upward-growing icicle”

5. “A bird left its mark on my window.”

6. “I found a tree with a square hole.”

7. “A few months ago, I stabbed a bottle of hand sanitizer with a tack. Something is now growing on the tack.”

8. “Of the 69 things they tested me for, I’m allergic to 60 of them.”

9. “A McDonald’s burger that’s been preserved in resin since the late ’70s”

10. “The icicles on this small table in my front yard”

11. “Holes on an apple tree from a yellow-bellied sapsucker that have since stretched out after a new growth”

12. “This car parked so long, a weed simply grew around it.”

13. “A tree I saw during a hike was struck by lightning and burned out from the inside but survived.”

14. “Organized some ants into the shape of my initials using a little sugar water.”

15. “The way the ice is melting off this sign”

16. “Roots of a palm tree”

17. “Thought this was some kind of fungus until I looked closer — it’s thousands of ladybugs clustered on fallen trees.”

Preview photo credit Sasuke911 / Reddit


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