15 People for Whom a Huge Age Gap Turned Out to Be the Recipe for Happiness

2 years ago

Finding your soulmate can happen at any age, and when you finally meet that special person, you just instantly click. And even if that person happens to be much older or much younger than you, it shouldn’t affect your relationship. That’s exactly what happened to the heroes of this article, and many of them couldn’t even imagine being so genuinely happy.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t take our eyes off these 15 couples who prove age is truly just a number when it comes to true love.

1. “51 and 31, 6 years together, married for 2”

2. “I (24) met him (41), and when I said, ’You look like trouble, what do you want?’ He laughed and said, ’You.’”

3. “I’m 25, he’s 61. Couldn’t be happier!”

4. “I’m 26 and he’s 50. We’re happily married with a baby girl, together for 4 years.”

5. “My hunky man (51) and me (23), I adore him so much!”

6. “My partner (47) and I (25) took a trip to Vegas for my birthday. I’m the happiest when I’m with him.”

7. “We’re engaged, I’m 35, he’s 64. Love this guy so much!”

8. “I (41) would call him (26) the man of my dreams, but the truth is I never could have dreamed of such an exceptional person.”

9. “My girlfriend (34) and me (24) celebrating our third anniversary”

10. “15-year age gap, he’s my soulmate.”

11. “16-year difference and we just celebrated our 12-year together.”

12. “A few photos from my (28) husband (46) and my maternity photo shoot.”

13. “17-year age gap”

14. "I (31) married my best friend (53).

15. “35 and 61 — I adore him.”

Do you think an age difference in a relationship matters?


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