30 Times Nature Could Satisfy All Perfectionists of This World

3 years ago

We all know that nature is an amazing creator with endless imagination. Yet as it turns out, nature is also a perfectionist. Did you know that the nautilus shell is the ideal example of a golden ratio? Or that mother nature creates her plant masterpieces using mathematical fractals?

Bright Side has collected for you 30 examples of natural perfection for your eyes to rest on. Don't miss our bonus at the end of this article, demonstrating a collaboration between nature and us, humans!

1. The nautilus shell is harmony itself!

2. Have you ever seen a more perfect and cute spiral?

3. This symmetry makes us want to cry with happiness!

4. Hello, cute thorny perfection!

5. Even those who don't love chameleons can admit that this tail curl is gorgeous.

6. Just look at these small leaves forming amazing mandalas.

7. Who else imagines themselves in a cave with precious stalactites hanging above their head?

8. Why on earth is this transparent perfection so fragile?

9. A totally hypnotizing sunflower

10. Looks like hundreds of caterpillars heading home.

11. These fractals make us love math.

12. Even the color combination is perfect here.

13. It's like a palace for a sweet little fairy.

14. This structure is beyond perfect.

15. These lovely twins deserve being in the best of collections.

16. These waves could be our new meditation tool.

17. These honeycombs look somewhat extraterrestrial.

18. No perfectionist would mind having such beauty in their garden.

19. Who would dare to say snails aren't gorgeous?

20. We're not afraid of you, angry symmetrical face.

21. Looks like hundreds of musical instruments combined in one flower.

22. Hmm, now we understand those who love cacti.

23. Tiny knitted thorns, anyone?

24. "Give this to me and take anything you want!"

25. Is this a hole to a better world?

26. Meet the sunflower's older brother.

27. These curves are mesmerizing, aren't they?

28. How many hours would you spend admiring these?

29. Oh, nothing special here, just a tiny mushroom with the perfect cap.

30. Hey, little beauty! Do you know you're awesome?

Bonus: Sometimes people can create things almost as perfectly as nature does!

Has your perfectionism been satisfied? Do you know any other times that mother nature is a pure perfectionist? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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