20 Times Nature Created Magic Without Any Modern Science

2 years ago

Nature will never get bored of making us wonder about things. A levitating leaf trapped in a spider web or a moth almost the size of your forearm — all these miracles appeared without the interference of man, and you can see them everywhere. You just need to pay a little extra attention to catch them all.

We at Bright Side are falling in love with our planet even more as we share 20 more wonders that were created without the help of any technology.

1. “A geometric spider web traps a leaf on the top of a trail post.”

2. “The way the leaves grow on this tree make it look blurry.”

3. Man-o-war is an ocean predator that traps and paralyzes its prey.

4. “Inky cap mushrooms are sprouting up in my driveway.”

5. “A picture of a 1000-year-old tree burl”

6. “I found a little bug with heart-shaped patches on her back feeding on my coriander leaves.”

7. “I took this pic in the sea life center on my phone.”

8. Nature can find its way just about anywhere.

9. “Took this photo in S. Miguel, Portugal.”

10. A potato tries to imitate a pear.

11. “Northern spiny-tailed gecko”

12. There is a Picasso painting on this stone...

13. Nature is invincible.

14. “A rock being pushed upward due to needle ice”

15. “This leaf I found today in the garden”

16. “Today I found out that cuttlefish can grow as large as 20 inches.”

17. “This is an abandoned hornet’s nest my dad found in his shed. The head is a part of a wooden statue it fused with.”

18. An impeccable camouflage

19. A sapsucker making patterns on a tree.

20. A giant atlas moth

What’s the most curious thing in nature that you’ve seen with your own eyes? Did you take any pics of it? Please share it with us!

Preview photo credit rplct/reddit


I would love to visit number 9 and see all the nature around it too! I wish this pandemic would end so I can travel freely again!

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