20 Photos That Prove Nature Always Has a New Page of Wonders Waiting for You

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The world is unpredictable, and we can still see many things that surprise or shock us. Nature is pretty good about this. Even mushrooms growing through a conference room floor can become a special moment during your working day.

1. “Mushrooms growing through the conference room floor”

2. “The size of a giant isopod — this is about half as big as they can get.”

3. “Strawberries in a Pyrex”

4. “One of the unique trees I found while hiking with a friend, I’m not sure of the species.”

5. “I have no idea why.”

6. “The tallest palm tree in the world is in Colombia, reaching 60 meters in height. It has been able to withstand strong winds.”

7. “An unusually-shaped Amanita muscaria mushroom”

8. “Black pin mold”

9. “Banks Peninsula, New Zealand”

10. “The back of an emu’s legs are (sometimes) covered in dragon scales.”

11. “Giant fungus”

12. “Crushed but still accepted by nature”

13. “Newborn hedgehog puppies”

14. “This is a hammer-headed bat and is, by far, the creepiest animal I’ve seen.”

15. “Natural rock formation”

16. “Nature has spotted my dog.”

17. “Embedding architecture with nature”

18. “I found this the other day while camping. It’s like nature painted on a leaf.”

19. “I found a little fella growing in my school’s parking lot.”

20. “Cars splashing a puddle onto the tree in the cold temperatures caused this weird icicle effect.”

How often do you notice little wonders in your life? How does nature help you to relax?


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