14 Comics That Prove an Airport Is Like a Parallel Universe Where Anything Can Happen

3 years ago

We’re all looking forward to the next vacation season, and we’re all happy when it’s actually time to pack our bags and leave our regular life behind for a couple of weeks. But it’s also true that when we decide to spend our vacations in a remote place, we’re probably getting there by plane. And before actually being able to enjoy a beautiful beach or explore an exotic city, we have to face a real challenge: getting on the plane.

And because we all know how difficult (and stressful) that first part of our vacations can be, Bright Side decided to make a compilation with 14 comics from introvert Tus and beautiful Flo who decided to spend their vacation abroad as well. And of course, as usual, getting to the airport was an adventure in and of itself. Check it out, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to this!

1. Tus likes arriving at the airport many hours before departure, but Flo needs to make herself pretty for the trip first.

2. Conflicts are solved with a tender kiss, but the next challenge is to actually get to the airport.

3. Some cab drivers seem to speak a different language than their customers (and have a different concept of “getting there fast”).

4. During the trip you start to have all kinds of doubts: “Did we bring the passports?” “Did I turn off the stove?” "Did I lock the door? And if the cab driver talks too much, it only makes the situation worse.

5. But, in most cases, the passport is in your bag, you did turn off the stove, and you locked the door behind you before leaving, so no worries!

6. Then the next challenge begins: the check-in lines at the airport. And the more you keep trying to get around them quickly, the longer they seem to become.

7. In the end you realize that it’s just better to relax and patiently wait for your turn.

8. But then your suitcase is heavier than allowed (when isn’t it?). And paying for the excess-weight is indeed EXCESSIVE.

9. And when you finally thought everything was working out fine, something else happens...

10. Many times, the security controls take up all the free time that was left before take-off, and now you gotta run to catch that plane.

11. But then that magical place full of things we never see on the shelves of regular stores in the city comes into play: the duty-free shop.

12. And it can be very disappointing to not have enough time to even go in and take a look at what they’re selling.

13. And when you finally think that the hardest part is over, you realize that the worst part is still to come: you’ll be flying at 10,000 feet above sea level inside a metal tube...

14. But it’s all worth it when you finally get to your destination and enjoy your well-deserved and long-awaited vacation.

What was the story behind your most difficult trip? Do you enjoy spending vacations abroad or do you prefer to stay at home?


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