28 “Catdashians” Who Are Worth Keeping Up With

3 years ago

Cats have dominated the internet and will keep doing so thanks to their shining personalities and weirdness. As long as people have cats, the internet will continue to be an infinite source of entertainment for all those kitty-lovers out there.

Here at Bright Side, we've collected some pictures that prove that cats are the weirdest pets around.

1. The world's most interesting lamp:

2. Right before the storm

3. When you're late for a meeting with your cat:

4. "Mom! Look, I'm a plant."

5. When you piss off the wrong cat:

6. "What's my friend doing in there?"

7. "Let's take a selfie together!"

8. Cool guys don't look back at explosions.

9. "Who are you?"

10. We think this person should stop buying things for their cat.

11. "I think I'm trapped."

12. The best way to sit on a chair:

13. "Can he see as much of me as I can of him?"

14. When you try to collect insurance money:

15. The ritual is now complete.

16. The cat hat

17. The best way to go to the bathroom:

18. Practicing for the opera

19. The catigator

20. Trying to get comfy

21. The cat who should get into modeling

22. The flower pot cat

23. The cat that likes to sleep in grocery bags

24. The furrito

25. This cat just watched Spiderman

26. When your cat is actually a bat:

27. The biker gang of the century

28. The engagement party

Which of these cats made you laugh and which ones were most adorable? Please let us know in the comments below!


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