18 Children Whose Parents Wish They Had an Extra Pair of Eyes

We know that children’s logic is unparalleled, as are their antics. We can also tell that their spontaneity can be an inexhaustible source of laughter.

When taking care of a child, you’ll often regret closing your eyes for five minutes, which is enough for them to come up with a crazy idea. But that’s also why a life with children is anything but boring. So it would be better to laugh rather than cry at this.

1. “First there was crying and then there was laughing. Much laughing. Don’t worry, the baby is fine.”

2. “My 3-year-old bit my thumb.”

3. “My son’s toothpaste. I have failed as a father.”

4. “My wife does planks around the house and I come home to this absolute unit of a son.”

5. “My niece just got upgraded from a crib to a single bed...”

6. “Lukas strikes again. Why?”

7. “My neighbor’s toddler was a little too quiet.”

8. “Nephew tried his new air soft gun on my phone.”

9. “Mom: ’go play outside!’”

10. “My brother crying because we’re burning some wood in the fireplace.”

11. “My 4 year old’s work of art.”

12. “My son, forever falling asleep in the most random, and uncomfortable, crazy positions...”

13. “3-year-old asked if he could have a muffin. I said yes. This one’s on me.”

14. “Would not stop crying until she got her own cone of shame.”

15. “My son bit the directional pad off the remote.”

16. “Kid was swimming in Target!”

17. “Found my camera on the floor and asked my kid if he’d been fiddling with it, ’no, of course not daddy!’”

18. “This keeps happening to her.”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen a kid do? What was the most epic prank you pulled as a kid?


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