11 Crazy Things That Everyone Would Wear in the 2000s (Even Celebrities)

11 months ago

The 2000s can perhaps be called the worst period in the history of fashion. The more we study this decade, the more convinced we are that trends from those times were created just to make women look terrible. Otherwise, how can one explain the abundance of rhinestones, a “smoked” tan, and thongs peeking out from under trousers? And this is only the small part of what the ’00s have presented to us.

We at Bright Side got nostalgic and recalled a bunch of controversial things from that period, as well as the brightest celebrity looks, showcasing those trends.

Lace-up trousers

Of course, seeing lace-up trousers instead of the usual zipper today might bring up a lot of questions, but a short while ago they were considered a top-notch item of clothing because J.Lo herself wore them. But even then, it was only the bravest who dared to buy them.

Classic vest and skinny trousers

Those who lived through the first decade of this century are well aware of how popular tiny classic vests used to be during those times. They were worn with T-shirts, shirts, and even on naked bodies. Another controversial trend back then was skinny trousers. At the end of the 2000s, flared jeans were replaced by extremely skinny trousers. Moreover, if they were so long that there were non-aesthetically pleasing folds of fabric collected around the ankle area that partially covered the wearer’s shoes, these trousers could easily cause envy among your friends.

Bizarre jewelry

Accessories of the ’00s could be a topic for a whole separate article. Multicolored plastic beads, huge boho earrings, feathers, and rhinestones are only a small part of what we used to wear.

Tutu skirt

Fluffy tulle skirts became one of the main hits of those years thanks to the main character of the Sex and the City TV series — Carrie Bradshaw. Tutus were so popular that even adult women couldn’t resist wearing them.

Cargo trousers

It seems like there is nothing that could look worse than low-waist cargo trousers, doesn’t it? But 10 years ago not only did they not raise any questions, but they were also considered super-trendy. Moreover, the bravest would tuck them into boots with a tight-fitting bootleg.

String belts

Every girl owned a string belt complemented by rivets, flower appliques, and other types of decorations in the early 2000s. Perhaps you even have one of these belts lying around in the depths of your wardrobe.

Balloon dress

Luckily, the trend for dresses and skirts with a bottom part tucked inside itself is no longer there. But a little while ago they were a hit. Even Paris Hilton, a style icon of those times, wore them. The fact that this balloon made the body look disproportional didn’t bother fashion mongers at all.

Wide belts

Another accessory that was truly loved by the fashion mongers of those times were belts with a huge buckle that were mainly a decorative, rather than a functional element.

Short ankle boots

Every respectful fashion monger of the ’00s owned short ankle boots with high heels. Even Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t resist them. Not only was this type of footwear uncomfortable, but it also visually shortened the legs.

Pleated miniskirt

Pleated miniskirts, a-la “school girl,” were another bizarre trend of those times. As a rule, they were so short that sometimes it was difficult to understand whether it was a skirt or a wide belt. Nevertheless, both celebrities and ordinary girls were gladly wearing them.

Acid color tights

Bright tights in various colors that were popular in the ’00s in most cases didn’t fit the overall look and lived their own life. If today it seems extremely weird, back then they could turn you into the most fashionable girl in the class.

What trends from those years embarrass you the most? Which ones would you gladly wear, even today?


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Still wearing ankle booties, vests, and feather earrings. I never wore any of the super low pants or tiny skirts. I am in my early thirties.


Cargo pants are still in fashion and look cool on both girls and boys


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