10 People Share Breakup Stories That Prove Dating Can Be Far From a Fairytale

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Falling in love is like stepping into a fairy tale. You know the feeling – the butterflies, the excitement, the belief that you've finally found your happily ever after. However, it all can turn into a plot twist you never saw coming. These 10 people shared dating stories that prove love isn't always a walk in the park.


My college roommate spent an entire weekend with his girlfriend from another state, knowing he was going to break up with her. When he took her to drop off at the train station on Sunday, he waited until she was leaning in with the car door open to kiss him goodbye. Broke the news, instead of kissing her, didn’t even unbuckle and get out. She stood there stunned with bags on the curb, and he closed the door and drove off.

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My boyfriend broke up with me by texting me asking how my day was. I said, "Fine, how was yours?" He responded with, "Great, had a fantastic day with my girlfriend."
I was at work all day. We had been together for 4 years, and been living together for 2. He'd been cheating on me, and decided to leave me for his mistress. Good times.

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Back in high school (20ish years ago) I remember hearing about a couple having the following phone conversation:
Guy: Hey, guess who broke up today?
Girl: Who?!
Guy: Us!

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Heard this one from my old hair stylist. She had a female friend who was dating this guy who had a pet pig. It was huge, like a full-grown pig. The pig hated the woman and pushed her out of bed to take her place next to her boyfriend.
One day, she had enough and told him it is the pig or me. He told her that the pig was there first, so he dumped her and stayed with the pig. Man, that must have been a blow to her self-esteem.

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My ex broke up with me at the beginning of a 10-hour flight. We lived together, and his mother picked us up from the airport.

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Husband was eating breakfast when he noticed a new tattoo on his wife's wrist. It was the name of her new boyfriend. She also would drive down toll roads in his car without paying. When the bills came in, she threw them away. He was on the hook for thousands of dollars when he figured it out!

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This one couple I know would purposely break up in public and then make each other jealous by flirting with strangers before they eventually get back together. Like they would just ego-trip on getting attention from another person before deciding they were too afraid to lose the other. It was kind of fun to see which one of them would get more jealous of the other. Although, whenever the guy was "winning," she would be a scary level of pissed.

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Kisses me goodbye after I dropped him off to get his car. Went to class, got home and saw all of his stuff was gone. Texted him, in mild panic, asking what was going on. He blocked my number and changed his relationship status on Facebook to single a few days later.
We were together for 2.5 years and lived together for 2. I refuse to ghost anyone. I have to be honest with the person if I expect a person I care about to be honest with me.

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Friend’s boyfriend was building a house. He moves in with her during construction. The plan is she'll move in with him when the house is ready. Moving day arrives. They’re all set to move in, she goes to work with the movers coming that day.
Comes back and the movers have only taken his stuff and not hers. She calls him in confusion, and he tells her he’s having doubts and doesn’t want to move in together. She’s completely in shock and crying. He doesn’t even break up with her, just moves out and then never calls her again, and she’s like I guess we’re over now.

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A dude I knew in high school was dating a chick. One day, he's driving her home. She lived pretty far out in the country, so it was a fairly long drive. He has the radio cranked right up, to the point they can't even speak.
After about 15 minutes of driving like this, she turns the radio down and asks, "What are you thinking about?" To which he replies, "Eh, just trying to figure out how to break up with you", and then proceeds to turn the music way back up and keep driving for 30 more minutes.

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Love has a funny way of sneaking up on us out of nowhere. Just when you think everything's perfect, reality hits hard. Take our reader, for example. She was over the moon when her boyfriend proposed to her, but the next day, he suddenly changed his mind.

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