15 People Who Crack Problems Like Nuts

2 years ago

Our brain is like a detective — always looking for a new mystery case to crack. And even though it has a natural impulse to look for solutions to make our everyday lives easier, sometimes even masterminds can find themselves at a crossroads. That’s why there’s always the internet we can turn to and find solutions to our problems.

Bright Side found 15 quick fixes for everyday problems, and we are very grateful to the people who decided to share them online.

1. “My son kept drinking the pool water, so we put floaties on his feet.”

2. “If you put the spatula handle through the handles of coffee mugs, you can prevent it from flying all over the place during washing.”

3. “How to save half your banana for tomorrow”

4. “Descaling coffee machine. If you don’t have any pots fitting under your machine to catch the water. Now it runs directly into the sink.”

5. “Stop water from puddling up on your canopy!”

6. “Use an old dish drying rack as an under-the-sink organizer!”

7. “Needed an air pump to blow up the kiddie pool.”

8. “One of many possible ways to keep track of whether you took your meds or not.”

9. “In a public bathroom without a purse hook, put the strap through the handle and balance the purse on its own!”

10. “No cap? No problem!”

11. “Open a snack bag like this, and it won’t fall.”

12. “Changed the one earphone rubber to black. Black is right, white left, to quickly see which is which.”

13. “Use clingfilm when unscrewing to keep your screws together, then tape them to the furniture, so they’re all kept together.”

14. “Not sure if this is a lazy hack or a life hack...found at my parents’ house!”

15. “Wife didn’t have a Bundt cake pan. I thought her solution was pretty ingenious.”

Did you find some of these solutions useful? Share your hacks with us in the comments.

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Nr 1 super dangerous!! If he slips out of the floating device his feet would keep floating and his head would be under water!!! What we're they thinking??


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