A Russian Artist Wins the Hearts of Thousands With Her Comics That Show Life in Its Truest Colors

4 years ago

Life is a constant battle. And this is what Comicada, an artist from Russia, makes her comics about. Her girl has to deal with life’s difficulties just like each one of us does. And a cat and coffee help her on this journey.

We at Bright Side did our best to show you her most likable comics. Enjoy!

19. A sacred moment no one dares to disturb:

18. Somewhere in a parallel universe revenge is taken.

17. There is an illusionist in each one of us.

16. When you don’t need this crap in your life.

15. When you are waiting for an answer:

14. “They attacked from behind. I couldn’t fight back.”

13. “How can I get to Sweaterburg?”

12. All of us are stars behind the wheel.

11. A word about the problems of people with poor vision:

10. And when you finally find it, only a little piece comes off.

9. Meomunication is what it is.

8. Be aware of gangsters in this area and never walk alone.

7. You have to be careful what you wish for.

6. Every. Single. Time.

5. Too much cheese is never enough.

4. When you just want a little joy, but end up suffering instead:

3. “Me looking for summer vibes.”

2. An idea for those who are looking for the most effective alarm clock:

1. Because cats will always be cats.

You can find more comics on the author’s pages on FB, Reddit, VK, Twitter, Pikabu, and T.me.

In which of these comics did you see yourself? If you could draw, which situations would you illustrate?

Preview photo credit comicada / Instagram


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