An Artist Draws Warm Family Illustrations Showing What True Happiness Is

There is some art that shows its creator’s soul. One of these artists is the talented Soosh. Over 200,000 people follow her on Instagram. And we understand why: Soosh draws some invisible but incredibly important things like love, support, and coziness.

Bright Side gathered the best of Soosh’s illustrations about her family. We’re sure you’ll want to hug your relatives after reading this article.

We’re happy because we’re together.

Because we take care of each other...

...and care about each other’s comfort

Prepare the most exciting surprises

Make dreams come true

Wait for a miracle

Help each other

Share our experience

Together, we’re not afraid of cold weather...

...or of diseases.

Because we have the best support team ever!

Those who love us to the moon and back

We also have a lot of fun!

And have lots of plans for our future

Family teaches us that happiness is found in simple things.

When someone helps us carry a heavy backpack

Or lets us win

Or cooks tasty dishes

Gives Eskimo kisses

Happiness is when you can fall asleep and wake up in the same common universe.

We hope these warm illustrations resemble your family! Tell us what you think in the comments.

Preview photo credit instagram/ soosh, instagram/ soosh


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